Monday, 13 April 2015

The Final Coil: Turn 4

After two months of eating dirt, Strawberry finally put an end to a certain elder primal's legacy once and for all...

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

As the group look on in terror, the biggest, baddest boss of the Coil of Bahamut questline finally appears...!

Needless to say, we were terrified! After the insane challenge that was Turn 3's Phoenix, we knew we were in trouble. This was going to be a very long road, and little did we know it was going to get very bloody, very quickly.

Turn 13 has 4 phases, and compared to Turn 3 and Second Coil's Turn 4, is much easier to learn the boss's sequence of attacks, with no technical death penalties other than the disappointment of messing up.

This is because everything hits so goddamn hard. Megaflares, Gigaflares, Terraflare, even the barrage of adds during phase 3, everything wants you dead and they sure as heck prove it.

Our group practised 4 nights a week over 2 months, only focusing on Turn 4. Once it hit Duty Finder, we practised every day. Many members got mad and left, new members joined, also leaving shortly after. Days went by when we would fight alongside new faces only to fail time and time again.

After taking a week's break, we decided to disband the static at the end of the month, but the remaining 5 members were adamant on clearing it before then. Then one night, it finally happened. My heart was in my throat the entire time!

Every single one of these 13 Turns proved to me that with a good group, good communication (despite half of us playing on PS3/4 and zero voice chat support), and lots of practice, it is entirely possible to fell your foes if everyone brings their A-game...or about a hundred Potent Poison Potions!

Now that the dust has settled, clearing and farming Turn 4 (Turn 13) successfully was much easier than clearing Second Coil's Turn 4 (Turn 9). It was not an easy win by any means, but unlike Turn 9, none of us were traumatized by the time it was over!

Going once, going twice...


It has been one heck of a struggle indeed! At last, Strawberry is finally uncoiled from going to bed at 3am every night...

Lastly, the rewards were a little Wind-Up Louisoix minion, and a title Strawberry will wear with pride...

The Final Witness!

Thanks for reading! If you like, you can read Strawberry's year and a half expedition into the formidable Binding Coil of Bahamut starting from Turn 1 right here!

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