Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bye Bye, Kouhai

It's been a difficult, busy, tedious yet somehow incredibly fun and satisfying journey these past two years, but sadly it's time for Strawberry to retract her claws and rest her fists.

I will be moving house and starting a new job in summer and will not have the time to relevel and regrind everything Heavensward has to offer. I am unsure if Strawberry will be returning to Eorzea, but should she ever dust off her good ol' Kaiser Knuckles in the future, I hope that everyone will once again wish her good luck.

To my Free Company, Linkshells, Coil groups, and followers on the Lodestone from all over the world, thank you all for an incredible two years of Final Fantasy XIV!

No go spread your wings and fly! Heavensward awaits!

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