Sunday, 15 March 2015

Zodiac Weapons: Kaiser Knuckles Zeta

Patch 2.51 finally brought the end of the Zodiac Weapon questline!

In the simplest stage yet, the quest consisted of buying 12 "Mahatma" with Tomestones and levelling them up  by gathering lights, much like the Nexus stage.

Each Mahatma can be levelled up from any duty, with harder challenges like Syrcus Tower and World of Darkness giving more lights than, say, Garuda Hard Mode!

Despite this, most players still ran Garuda, King Moggle Mog and Shiva loads of times, purely because they can be completed in under 3 minutes with a good party!

Once all 12 Mahatma were completed, Strawberry's Kaiser Knuckles began to come to life!

Finished! The most impressive weapon glow since Novus! Despite the claw design, the glow and animation make them look really awesome! In the end, I am glad I chose Monk as my main!

At long last! It's been a long and tiring journey, but it's finally over. Little Sphairai really has come a long way! Thanks for all your support!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

An Estate Reborn

Oh, hello! This week Strawberry took a break from saving the realm and reconstructed The Esquire Lounge into, well, an actual lounge.

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

The first floor has been transformed into an extravagant Adventurer's guild! Complete with a vendor, mender, armoire, company chest and summoning bell. All the essentials in one place!

Near the infamous admiral portrait - who keeps a keen eye on our battle plans - is a discussion table covered in very important documents... and some spilled tea.

In another corner is the bachelor's pad. Or study area if you will. Filled to the brim with research papers, encyclopaedias, freshly gathered veggies and kegs of wine. Y'know, for brain power!

Let's head downstairs! Oh, mind the Behemoth.

Gone are the basement's beds and dining furniture, and in their place a brand new spa and bathing area was erected behind some rather nifty sliding doors!

Now with 200% more privacy... unless you tilt your camera upwards or someone walks in on you. New additions to the bath include towel rails, hanging baskets and strawberry scented bath salts, yum!

The Demon Wall has been refitted next to our Aetherial Wheel, just incase a rogue plans on stealing the magical core of our home sweet home!*

*It is unknown if Aetherial Wheels are the core of housing estates.

Lastly, the lounge area. Comfy seats, comfy rug, comfy fireplace...

...and most importantly, more tea!

Thanks for reading! Drop by any time! The old Esquire Lounge (formerly Heaven's Tower) can be seen here when we first moved in! What an improvement!

Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 20 (Tonberry)