Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Final Coil: Turns 1-3

After the climatic ending of completing The Second Coil, our group disbanded due to real life changes. New jobs, new schedules, and new babies made it impossible for us to play together.

But Strawberry didn't want to give up there! With a new group of Japanese adventurers, she dived into the depths of Coil, one final time!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Enter the Final Coil of Bahamut's first guardian; a gigantic, augmented, lightning-based Coeurl named Imdugud, as in, "I'm gonna do you good, right up the pooper".

While FCoB Turn 1's boss encounter is easier than the previous SCoB Turn 4's in terms of mechanics, tighter DPS checks and excruciatingly strict positional requirements really ramp up the difficulty for first-timers.

Our first few battles took a lot of getting used to. After all, we were still getting used to the group's synergy and playstyles. After a few weeks, Imdugud literally left us in shock during our first win, as we all ended up dying at the same time, boss included!

After a few more weeks, during Christmas break, it was time to tackle Turn 2, set inside a giant, secondary Dalamud!

After a lots of jumping and extremely painful trash mobs, we laid eyes upon Kaliya for the first time. A three headed, armoured Hydra, which was very reminiscent of FFXI's Hydra, bringing back the classic Nerve Gas attack!

Kaliya really helped us grow as a group, mainly because a lot of her mechanics revolve around partnering up with another, random party member, making sure you never get separated from them or accidentally killed - else you both die!

With Turns 1 and 2 down, Turn 3 heavily laid on the story, revealing that Bahamut is alive, and he's regenerating faster than we can imagine. At first it was just head, then both his head and body, now his entire upper half is almost complete. There's no time to lose!

However, the toughest adversary this far was naturally blocking the way. Enter Phoenix - the primal of rebirth - that dishes extremely painful bursts of damage, and has the ability to revive fallen comrades time and time again.

Phoenix was, by far, the toughest fight we had encountered in all of Eorzea. If any player died, Phoenix got stronger. If certain adds died too close to his body, Phoenix got stronger. If players didn't mitigate certain abilities, Phoenix got stronger. Every single mistake is punishable to the point that one little slip up will result in certain death...

...but that's not to say it wasn't incredibly fun. My heart was throbbing during the last 1% of our first win. We would fail at 10% consecutively, then at 4-5% consecutively, until we raised our equipment level high enough to finally down him. Phoenix tested our synergy and fortitude as a group, and after beating him, in a way, we were all incredibly thankful.

Phoenix, or should I say, Louisoix, now free from Bahamut's tempering grasp, bid farewell to his grandchildren and Strawberry, leaving the future he started to create for Eorzea in their hands.

After a months of fighting, it's time to find our resolve!

It's finally time to travel to the centre of Bahamut's heart and stop him once and for all!

Wish us luck!

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