Saturday, 14 February 2015

Just be Friends!

Sometimes it's nice to just chill with your friends! Here's Strawberry and Llyria fishing for Gigant Clams after finally making my full Forager's set!

I also managed to get all 3 Supra tools needed thanks to Patch 2.5's Artisan Tool desynthing buff!

The patch also changed how treasure coffers work in high level dungeons, having them drop both class specific gear and crafting materials instead of one or the other! Monk is now fully kitted out in the new Picaroon's set of Striking! It's one of my favourite sets of all time!

Clearing World of Darkness for Rie!

Then again for Alice and Llyria!

It seems Strawberry wanted to return to the world of Lalafell so badly, she shrunk during Syrcus Tower! Who is this sparkling, spunky gentleman she is standing beside, you ask? You'll find out at a later date!

Speaking of which, I finally upgraded my Summoner to ilvl110 thanks to getting lucky on Sands of Time lots, putting it on par with Bard. Both those jobs are so much fun to play!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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