Saturday, 3 January 2015

Wedding Crashers

Over the weekend, some Free Company members crashed a wedding.

Well, not exactly crashed! Esquire recently created a Linkshell in order to befriend players who are already part of another Free Company, but want to make new friends! One of the members, Kayla, held a wedding and invited a bunch of us. She's there in the middle with her husband on the right!

The wedding - or Eternal Bond as it's technically called - is a non-instanced event that players must pay for through the Mog Station, schedule and hand out invitations, just a like a real wedding!

The actual event includes incredibly touching cutscenes, amazing rewards such as clothing, mounts and minions, and lots of opportunities for making memories and tanking screenshots.

Perhaps Strawberry will find her special someone one day! Until then, maybe she'll keep attending everyone else's!

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