Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Patch 2.5 & The World of Darkness

Patch 2.5 landed last week and as always brought with it a plethora of changes and a truckload of new places to visit, items to obtain and adventures to be had!

The biggest addition was World of Darkness, the final chapter of the Crystal Tower saga, rewarding players with ilvl 120 armour, craftable ilvl 110 weapons, and a new weekly challenge for clearing all three Crystal Tower raids once a week!

The most challenging Crystal Tower raid to date, World of Darkness features brand new and exciting mechanics stapled onto traditional Final Fantasy III bosses.

My favourite mechanic is the entire Cerberus boss fight. Being a huge fan of ol' Cerb since the Algol hunting days of XI, I was wondering when this three-headed mutt would rear his ugly head(s), and how players would go about defeating him.

Here's a shot of Cerberus's belly. That's right, his belly. Throughout the fight, Cerberus will break loose of his chains and start eating players that shrunk due to a (usually) deadly debuff. In this case, it gives those players a chance to rip this bitch a new asshole from the inside, before being pooped out. Normal-sized players remaining on the outside must then chain Cerb back up to prevent any more outbursts while he recovers. While you are inside Cerb's belly, the battle music still plays, but it's muffled to mimic actually being inside a stomach. The enemies are also much larger than they normally would be, too! It reminds me a lot of XI's Sandworm, actually, where an alliance would get gobbled up and sent to another zone to fight a new boss inside.

Like Cerberus's belly, the entire raid area is suspended in a literal world of darkness, and feels like it goes on forever!

Which leads up to the iconic final boss, the Cloud of Darkness, now in 3D!

A giant suspended head and torso with a habit of sucking in stormclouds and firing gigantic lazers, she's actually quite tough compared to the previous Crystal Tower bosses. As always there's a tiny DPS check, and a gigantic idiot check, but now that a week has passed, more and more people are getting used to how she works. I've only ever tanked this raid and will keep doing so until Strawberry gets all her Warrior gear!

The end. For now?

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