Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hildibrand & Gilgamesh & Odin, oh my!

The final set of quests ending 2.0's Hildibrand saga came to a close, and went out with a bang! It felt like I was watching a movie most of the time!

 I was so engrossed I forgot to take any screenshots, but to keep you free of spoilers I'll only discuss the final battlefield: Battle in the Big Keep!

The battle is split into two sections, one against Gilgamesh together with a rather un-chicken-like Enkidu and one against Gilgamesh's true form!

Gilgamesh has this nasty habit of tying healers up in chains. Perhaps a fetish, thought Rie, donning her purple garb while smirking as she watched Strawberry's bones being crushed.

All's well that ends well - for the time being!

After the fight, Gilgamesh even apologized. Kind of.

The final rewards are a Manderville coat, pants, a sparkling new pose and Hildibrand minion. What a fantastic questline - I really hope you check it out!

Speaking of battlefields, Odin once again took form as a lag-free, 8 man trail!

The fight is somewhere between Hard Mode primals in terms of mechanic difficulty, and Extreme Mode primals in terms of overall HP and one final Ultima-esque DPS check. It's apparently slightly harder than the version which was available to play at Fanfest, but still fairly easy!

The rewards are a full set of DoW and DoM gear - this time as separate pieces - for glamour purposes.

Along with some other questionable chest contents.

Sadly, his sword Zantetsuken, can only be obtained via the FATE version. Oh well!

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