Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dungeon Darlings

Esquire is back with some new members, tackling these new Patch 2.5 dungeons like never before!

Talk about a blast from the past! Wanderer's Palace makes it's triumphant return to high level content as players must now extinguish a new threat! No, not Tonberries, something much, much nastier!

No, it's not frogs. Look more closely...!

That's right, Mamool Ja! This time, the whole cast of iconic FFXI Mamools are back with a vengeance, and some new names to boot. Can our heroes save the Tonberries and help them reclaim their palace, or will the Mamool Ja turn it into the next Bhaflau Thickets?!

Speaking of triumphant returns, Amdapor Keep is also back again, with a load of new bosses, hidden passageways, and a brand new DPS check!

This screenshot is actually quite misleading. There's not just one demon wall, there's four of them, all on a mission to crush your party unless you can take out an entire room that constantly spawns enemies! No problem, right?

The final dungeon - unlocked via the main scenario questline - is set in Mor Dhona, as players climb up a demolished Garlean vessel in order to convince Midgardsormr that us Eorzeans are a pretty rad bunch of people and to stop being such a giant dick.

He didn't like us doing that one little bit, however.

And as a reward, insisted he watches over us in a little minion form. How can anyone stay mad at that little thing? He's adorable when he isn't trying to revive a bunch of dragons and bring about the end of the world.

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