Friday, 19 December 2014

Zodiac Weapons: Sphairai V → Kaiser Knuckles

Sphairai has finally ascended into the legendary Zodiac weapon: Kaiser Knuckles!

Nearing the end of the Zodiac questline, patch 2.45 introduced the fabled Zodiac weapons for each job! Here's how Strawberry waved farewell to her trusty Relic, and obtained a Zodiac in its place!

The thing about Relic weapons, is that they aren't very good at holding an immense amount of power like, say, a Zodiac weapon is. So, after mulling it over with Gerolt and Jalzahn, we decided to build a brand new weapon, entirely from scratch.

The quest branches off into 4 miniquests, each one rewarding one part of the new base weapon. Each quest requires similar trials that tap into almost every aspect of the game at high level, giving a throwback to previous Zodiac quests, such as gathering - wait for it - Atma.

This time, you need a whopping sixteen of them, and - again, wait for it - they only drop from dungeons. My personal drop rate wasn't too bad, but the fact dungeons such as Aurum Vale are included made me want to gauge my eyes out.

Ah, sweet, sweet, victory. Each quest branch also required two 3 star crafting items - eight in total, one from each class - and a bit of desynthing to get the materials required. Of course, you could just buy the completed items if your wallet is overflowing with gil.

The last and most tedious part of each quest branch was obtaining token items through various currencies. Vendor items that cost 100,000 gil each, Soldiery Tomestone items that cost 1,600 tomes each, and items from your Grand Company, costing 20,000 seals each. The grand total of stuff needed comes to 400,000 gil, 6,400 tomestones, and 80,000 Grand Company seals. That is a lot of grinding!

But after completing each branch quest, it was time to hand over the items and make that new weapon!

One last goodbye to Sphairai. If only there was a way we could continue our adventures together...

...but wait, apparently something was missing! We handed over the base materials, much like the original Relic quest. A new book, similar to those used during the Atma stage. What else...? A new Sphere Scroll and Alexandrite as we did with Animus... what else could we possibly need?

...Of course! Novus's Materia!

You have got to be kidding me...!

Wait...! You can't possibly convert my little Sphairai into a Materia?!

I...I think I am going to throw up. Luckily, no matter which option you choose (I chose "No" twice!) Gerolt demands you grow a pair and leave it to the Materia expert to give it a "try"...!

H-here goes nothing!

Success! I almost had a heart attack, however. Thank goodness it was only flavour text!

We've gotten even stronger now, Sphairai! Or should I start calling you Kaiser...?!

As shown above, the upgrade is only 10 levels, taking your customized secondary stats into consideration. It can also be dyed! Here it is in snow white.

Thanks for reading! Wish me and Spha- er, Kaiser, luck from now on!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Take me Higher (Allagan)

Now that the Second Coil of Bahamut was added to Duty Finder and nerfed immensely, I tried healing through each turn in the search for the High Allagan coat - the single piece of gear I wanted so badly since 2.2!

After countless runs of Turn 2, it finally dropped. Then, after countless times of losing the lot, I finally won by rolling a 99. I also managed to introduce a few FC members to Turns 1-2 at the same time! Thanks to everyone who helped!

Now my White Mage and Scholar are at ilvl110, ready to take on any challenge in Patch 2.4!

Desynth THIS!

Break it down now, yo. Goldsmithing Desynthesis skill 100!

Also, this is blog post #200. What a coincidence!

Dungeon Delvers

Dungeons, dungeons everywhere! In addition to the Main Scenario's Snowcloack dungeon, here's the run down on the remaining two that were introduced in Patch 2.4!

We've finally come full circle. The first dungeon in the game comes back with a vengeance!

But vengeance wasn't all it brought to the table. Revenge was also present, in the form of a certain notorious captain and his squawking colibri sidekick...!

Qarn, a name that frightens even the tallest of Roegadyns. The first time adventurers excavated these ancient ruins, it left them scarred. Now it's back to open those wounds one last time.

If you're lucky, you might make it out alive. If not, let me assure you there are plenty of ways to go out with a bang:

Being impaled? Qarn's got that covered.

Being crushed? No problem, Qarn can do that for you.

Mummification? Now you're just being picky.

The last thing we want is for history to repeat itself!

Simply Poetic

A new major patch means a new Allagan Tomestone update! This time, Mythology got the boot and Poetics were introduced. After a couple of weeks of saving up, Strawberry walked away with a brand new Monk cuirass - forged by Garland Ironworks themselves!

Much like the old Weathered gear from Patch 2.2, this stuff can be upgraded through token items in the Final Coil of Bahamut and eventually, the final instalment of Crystal Tower's three part saga. Lastly, the base level is ilvl120 and upgrades as far as ilvl130!

The Dragon's Neck

Hildibrand is back! This time, he's not crossdressing, but instead trying to save Ul'dah from a new and very unique kind of menace. I will try to keep this spoiler free as always, as I think you should play it yourself!

Enter Ultros! The cheeky, perverted octopus from FFVI. He hasn't changed a bit.

Nor as Hildi's Dad for that matter!

Much like the introduction of Gilgamesh, this chapter of Hilidbrand also introduces a new Trial. This time it's a two-versus-either match against Ultros and his best friend Typhon!

A very, very unique and fun fight where DPS don't actually DPS, and each tank has a separate job to do. Fried tako legs for everyone!

But what's this...?! Someone is up to no good again!

With rumours of the next Hildibrand instalment being the last, I am both extremely excited and a little bit sad... Until next time!


We got a new cabinet in our FC house and celebrated by ruining all the booze. Oh well.

Esquire is now 16 great members strong! A lot of new members just joined, making it a very warm and fun place at last. If you want to join, send me a /tell ingame or check the lodestone link to the right!

High on Allagan

Strawberry has cleared Turn 4 three times now, and finally got a trophy to prove it!

Unfortunately, after a whole year of raiding every Sunday, my Coil group finally disbanded as two members were switching jobs, one member couldn't play for a while, and we were all very exhausted.

However, Strawberry's discovery of the truth behind Bahamut is far from over! More information later!


I seem to have misplaced my pants through a weird MNK AF body glitch.

Who are you calling a retainerrrr, adventurerrrr?

With the introduction of patch 2.4's Retainer Fantasia, I remade Zeid into another memorable FFXI figure...

...President of Salaheem's Sentinels - Naja Saaheem herself!

A natural gold digger, I made Naja take over Zeid's role of Miner, which is hilarious as all she did in FFXI was TAKE gil from me. Now, she GIVES me it! I tried to outfit her with similar-looking gear, and did a pretty good job from the feet upwards...!

Way of the Ninja

Ninja 35!

Wow, what a fun job. Seriously. I thought it would be another Monk clone, but it really isn't. It's just so much more laid back, fluid, and full of surprises.

Not only is it a top-notch, button-mashing DPS, but abilities like Katon and Fuma Shuriken are a pleasure to weave in and out of cooldowns.

Extra skills like Trick Attack and Assasinate make me light up with glee whenever they are ready, and the job-specific animations for jumping and running add a nice touch of polish, making Ninja very unique compared to its Rogue counterpart or other jobs in general.

The questline - much like Rogue's - is brimming with memorable characters and even nods to Ninja's FFXI roots. I really want to take it to 50 just to see what happens next!

But for now, I'm going to take a break and focus more on Monk. After all, patch 2.45 is just around the corner!