Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Second Coil: Turn 4

This screenshot was taken in July. Let that sink in. It's now November, but the Eyes of Bahamut have finally cleared Turn 4 and the entire Second Coil of Bahamut before patch 2.41!

We only met up once a week on Sundays and practiced for 3 hours at a time. Our gear was insufficient, our tactics were stupid, and because everyone was so focused on doing their best, there was no time to be looking at or pressing guide macros like we did against Turn 3's Avatar.

Heck, Strawberry was still a Lalafell back then and didn't even have her Sphairai Nexus! We didn't stand a chance!

But, we persevered. All eight of us. Every week. Some weekends we would get stuck at Turn 3 and give up entirely, some weeks we would clear Turns 1-3 in under and hour then practice until it was 4am. Sometimes we would get down to the last 20% only for one person to make a simple footing mistake and cost us the run.

Once we figured out how to place Cauterize, the last 30% of the fight was over almost instantly. Much like Twintania, something just...clicked. It took us months to get from 100% to 30%, but after one weekend of attempts, we zoomed past it. Thanks to the SMN's Limit Break (as I was too busy trying not to electrocute people!) we won. We finally won!

This Tuesday saw Patch 2.41 hit, and with it came a ton of nerfs for the Second Coil. Easier mechanics, the Echo buff, removal of insta-death from Turns 1-3, you name it. It just isn't the same anymore. I'm so glad that our little group managed to clear the real version of the raid, growing so much closer and stronger as a result!

Take that again, Bahamut!

Something tells me that Strawberry's little story regarding big, bad Bahamut is still far from over... See you in the Final Coil!

As for this? Haha, nahhhhh.

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