Sunday, 9 November 2014

Project Shiva

Iceheart doesn't know when to quit! Shiva's Extreme battle is probably my favourite out of all the primals - including Leviathan! The atmosphere, music, gimmicks, they are all new and refreshing!

Like the Hard Mode version, Shiva switches between different weapon types to perform different attacks. However, unlike the Hard Mode version, Shiva now has ability to one-hit-KO players if they don't watch their footing! In addition to dangerous snowstorm circles floating around the arena with very little space to manoeuvre, Shiva will rotate her attacks through a sword, cane, and bow. The sword's attack can be soaked up by 6 or more party members, the cane's attack can be dealt with by having party members spread out and not touch each other - similar to Ramuh - and the bow fires off one-hit-KO arrows in every direction of a 270 degree cone, meaning everywhere that isn't behind Shiva's butt spells certain doom.

There is also a strict DPS check, like all primals, before Diamond Dust. If the four additional snow golems aren't defeated by the time Shiva freezes everyone, it's game over! Diamond Dust also changes the music and turns the tide the battle in Shiva's favour by freezing the edge of the arena, making it extremely dangerous  - much like Leviathan - and results in temporary immobility if you bump into it! Combine this with an incredibly slippy arena gimmick and it won't be long before everyone is frozen in their tracks!

Unlike most primals, however, Shiva is a lot of fun and after learning her skills, very easy to complete over and over again! Strawberry lucked out on her first win, too!

Brand new Shiva weapons!

A fantastic ilvl120 bracelet upgrade!

Good luck in taking her down!

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