Sunday, 9 November 2014


The biggest addition in 2.4 was a new class! Rogue - along with it's job Ninja - join the DPS fray and even out the damage-dealing roster by specializing in close-range, DEX based combat.

ROG and NIN use dual daggers to fight, similar to Monk's fists. I've only reached level 15 so far, but it is a ton of fun! ROG aren't completely dependant on positional placements like MNK are, but still share a few similarities, such as "stances" known as "kisses", constant DoT damage, and light support, like restoring the TP of another party member!

There are also a lot of differences to MNK too, such as a unique treasure hunter ability, and with Ninja, commands that need to be pulled off in a specific order to successfully cast Ninjutsu.

So far the questline has been an absolute thrill. From stealth missions to nostalgic, low-level challenging battles and memorable guild characters.

Let's not forget the best Lalafell villain ever!

Like my other subjobs, I really want to take ROG to at least 35 and test out the waters. Sadly, finding a party via Duty Finder is almost impossible with how popular the job is!

Perhaps once the initial rush has worn off I might have better luck levelling! After all, there's still a whole patch to explore!

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