Sunday, 9 November 2014

All Saint's Wake 2014 & Eorzea Cafe

Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately I was busy during Halloween weekend so couldn't update the blog - but there is a very good reason for that at the end of the post!

This year, Eorzeans could dress up as spooky creatures, or their favourite NPCs from across the land! The questline took adventurers throughout the three city states in order to solve a peculiar mystery, resulting in a FATE which rewarded players with tokens used to buy ghoulish jewellery and a new set of Chocobo barding!

Mochi's guiding the way with a little lantern!

A bomb and moogle pumpkin also hitch a ride!

One of the many costumes adventurers could don during the event. Raubahn doesn't look happy...

Nanamo on the other hand...!

My dream of finally being able to play as the Sultana finally came true!

Nanamos from all over the world danced together long into the spooky night... it was a very happy Halloween indeed!

As for myself, I was in Tokyo over Halloween to visit the Eorzea Cafe!

The entire cafe was themed after a Gridanian pub, with ambient Gridanian music playing the entire time.

1:1 scale weapons from the game were on display throughout the cafe, too!

Each adventurer obtained a Job coaster for coming, and every time you ordered food or a drink, you received a random Primal coaster! I'm only missing Shiva!

As for the food...

How does an Ifrit pizza sound?


Or a Gilgamesh Escallop?! 

Adventurers could also order food from the game, like this black truffle risotto - watch yours DPS fly!

As for the drinks, here is a Summoner special and an incredibly sweet Chocobo drink.

Lastly, some coffee for the Bards and some wine for the Warriors!

Let's not forget to top it all off with some Hildibrand cookies at the gift shop!

Thanks for reading! If you are ever in Tokyo, give the Eorzea Cafe a try!

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