Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Second Coil: Turn 4

This screenshot was taken in July. Let that sink in. It's now November, but the Eyes of Bahamut have finally cleared Turn 4 and the entire Second Coil of Bahamut before patch 2.41!

We only met up once a week on Sundays and practiced for 3 hours at a time. Our gear was insufficient, our tactics were stupid, and because everyone was so focused on doing their best, there was no time to be looking at or pressing guide macros like we did against Turn 3's Avatar.

Heck, Strawberry was still a Lalafell back then and didn't even have her Sphairai Nexus! We didn't stand a chance!

But, we persevered. All eight of us. Every week. Some weekends we would get stuck at Turn 3 and give up entirely, some weeks we would clear Turns 1-3 in under and hour then practice until it was 4am. Sometimes we would get down to the last 20% only for one person to make a simple footing mistake and cost us the run.

Once we figured out how to place Cauterize, the last 30% of the fight was over almost instantly. Much like Twintania, something just...clicked. It took us months to get from 100% to 30%, but after one weekend of attempts, we zoomed past it. Thanks to the SMN's Limit Break (as I was too busy trying not to electrocute people!) we won. We finally won!

This Tuesday saw Patch 2.41 hit, and with it came a ton of nerfs for the Second Coil. Easier mechanics, the Echo buff, removal of insta-death from Turns 1-3, you name it. It just isn't the same anymore. I'm so glad that our little group managed to clear the real version of the raid, growing so much closer and stronger as a result!

Take that again, Bahamut!

Something tells me that Strawberry's little story regarding big, bad Bahamut is still far from over... See you in the Final Coil!

As for this? Haha, nahhhhh.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Project Shiva

Iceheart doesn't know when to quit! Shiva's Extreme battle is probably my favourite out of all the primals - including Leviathan! The atmosphere, music, gimmicks, they are all new and refreshing!

Like the Hard Mode version, Shiva switches between different weapon types to perform different attacks. However, unlike the Hard Mode version, Shiva now has ability to one-hit-KO players if they don't watch their footing! In addition to dangerous snowstorm circles floating around the arena with very little space to manoeuvre, Shiva will rotate her attacks through a sword, cane, and bow. The sword's attack can be soaked up by 6 or more party members, the cane's attack can be dealt with by having party members spread out and not touch each other - similar to Ramuh - and the bow fires off one-hit-KO arrows in every direction of a 270 degree cone, meaning everywhere that isn't behind Shiva's butt spells certain doom.

There is also a strict DPS check, like all primals, before Diamond Dust. If the four additional snow golems aren't defeated by the time Shiva freezes everyone, it's game over! Diamond Dust also changes the music and turns the tide the battle in Shiva's favour by freezing the edge of the arena, making it extremely dangerous  - much like Leviathan - and results in temporary immobility if you bump into it! Combine this with an incredibly slippy arena gimmick and it won't be long before everyone is frozen in their tracks!

Unlike most primals, however, Shiva is a lot of fun and after learning her skills, very easy to complete over and over again! Strawberry lucked out on her first win, too!

Brand new Shiva weapons!

A fantastic ilvl120 bracelet upgrade!

Good luck in taking her down!

Dreams of Ice

Something is brewing in Eorzea...time to help the Scions out again!

The entire first section of the main scenario quests were fluff. They felt like one, giant, long advertisement for the new Ninja job. However, once things started to heat up in Coerthas, that's when the story got interesting!

There's a new Garlean leader in charge, and he means business. I mean, just look at that cloth texture. That kind of fabric doesn't come cheap.

With this new kind of dread looming over Eorzea, the Scions once again try to win over Ishgard to join the alliance. During negotiations, however, a new kind of evil arises in Coerthas known as "Iceheart"...

A heretic, with the intent of summoning the primal Shiva to her air - but for what reason?! First, Strawberry must adventure through Snowcloak, a dungeon hidden away by this band of heretics.

No dungeon is complete without a good battle, and Fenrir here had no intent of letting us pass! Unlike FFXI's Fenrir, who commandeered the power of light, this Fenrir seems to be attuned to the element of ice. After a good rough n' tumble, Snowcloak's hidden secret was soon revealed...!

An aetheryte that lead straight to Shiva's amphitheatre! No wonder those heretics didn't want anyone trespassing! Iceheart appears before Strawberry, and promptly used the aetheryte before it breaks down...

This calls for the arrival of a new, spunky Roegadyn Scion! The crew join together to fix the flow of aether that was cut off when Iceheart fled from the scene...

Now that the aetheryte was fixed, Strawberry continues onwards to find the truth...

Unlike other Primals, which are summoned through the pleas and prayers of beastmen, Shiva was brought into the world through a different method...

...by possessing Iceheart's willing body, Shiva appeared right before Strawberry's eyes!

The battle ended before it had even begun. Shiva was no match for this new-found Roegadyn power!

Once Shiva left Iceheart's trembling body (and before Iceheart manages to escape yet again), she leaves Strawberry with three, simple words:

"Hear, feel, think..."

Now, where has Strawberry heard those before...?

With Shiva defeated, 2.4's storyline came to a close shortly after. However, the ruckus in Coerthas was only part of the story. As for the other part involving a traitor amidst the Ul'dah ranks, well, you should play it and find out yourself!

Thanks for reading!

All Saint's Wake 2014 & Eorzea Cafe

Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately I was busy during Halloween weekend so couldn't update the blog - but there is a very good reason for that at the end of the post!

This year, Eorzeans could dress up as spooky creatures, or their favourite NPCs from across the land! The questline took adventurers throughout the three city states in order to solve a peculiar mystery, resulting in a FATE which rewarded players with tokens used to buy ghoulish jewellery and a new set of Chocobo barding!

Mochi's guiding the way with a little lantern!

A bomb and moogle pumpkin also hitch a ride!

One of the many costumes adventurers could don during the event. Raubahn doesn't look happy...

Nanamo on the other hand...!

My dream of finally being able to play as the Sultana finally came true!

Nanamos from all over the world danced together long into the spooky night... it was a very happy Halloween indeed!

As for myself, I was in Tokyo over Halloween to visit the Eorzea Cafe!

The entire cafe was themed after a Gridanian pub, with ambient Gridanian music playing the entire time.

1:1 scale weapons from the game were on display throughout the cafe, too!

Each adventurer obtained a Job coaster for coming, and every time you ordered food or a drink, you received a random Primal coaster! I'm only missing Shiva!

As for the food...

How does an Ifrit pizza sound?


Or a Gilgamesh Escallop?! 

Adventurers could also order food from the game, like this black truffle risotto - watch yours DPS fly!

As for the drinks, here is a Summoner special and an incredibly sweet Chocobo drink.

Lastly, some coffee for the Bards and some wine for the Warriors!

Let's not forget to top it all off with some Hildibrand cookies at the gift shop!

Thanks for reading! If you are ever in Tokyo, give the Eorzea Cafe a try!