Saturday, 4 October 2014

Zodiac Weapons: Sphairai IV

Sphairai Nexus Complete!

The Novus portion of the Relic question - resulting in an ilvl 115 Nexus weapon - wasn't as long as previous quests. It didn't depend on random drops like Atma, it didn't depend on saving up loads of Mythology Tomestones, it didn't depend on millions and millions of gil for Materia, all it required you to do was play the game.

Once your Novus weapon becomes "soulglazed", it starts building aether every time you complete a certain instance via the Duty Finder. High level instances yield more aether, and lower level instances yield less. However, there are certain "bonus windows" that can occur, giving more aether than usual for a set amount of time (usually 1-2 earth hours). The picture above was taken while inspecting Strawberry's weapon after 3 days of doing random instances.

This image was taken after 1 and a half weeks!

Due to the easy nature of low level duties such as hard mode primals, over the course of an hour, completing those kind of instances in quick succession can potentially yield more aether than, say, running Syrcus Tower a couple of times, which is around 15 minutes and full of scripted, timed events. This means that to quickly get your Nexus, you will need to ask around the community for which bonus windows are currently open. They are world/server-wide, but completely random.

After 2 weeks I took this screenshot - almost there!

Lastly, today - after completing my daily Trial Roulette - it happened!

My personal recommendations for building aether (or "lights" as dubbed by the English speaking community) are taking part in PvP Frontlines, Hard Mode Moggle Mog, Hard Mode Garuda, and Hard Mode Ifrit during bonus windows. These fights can be completed in 2-3 minutes if you get a good group, and the queue times are incredibly short - even for a DPS!

While the Binding Coil of Bahamut's Turn 4 can also provide the same potential aether as a Hard Mode primals, you could get stuck with a bunch of first timers, making it quite messy! Frontlines also changes each time you do it as it isn't scripted, and also builds up your PvP rank, Wolf Marks, and Tomestones incredibly quickly!

Unless you modify your Materia before upgrading, your stats get carried over and slightly buffed up to ilvl115 standard. Here is what a perfectly melded Sphairai looks like, but you should customize it to what you need!

As I mentioned earlier, Novus wasn't exactly a time consuming or tedious quest, just something I did every day, little by little. Now that Square Enix have had Relic owners jump through almost every hoop in the game, I wonder what they will make us do next?

See you in Patch 2.4!

Patch 2.38 Shenanigans!

Patch 2.38 landed with a whole bunch of Quality of Life updates, further expansion of the Relic questline, and some new battle poses for each class!

Monk's pose is kind of boring. It has a constant angry face and turn the weapon upside down. I don't like it.

On the other hand, White Mage is my favourite! A cute, kind expression that soothes the heart.

Lalafell Warriors also get a cute pose as they lug their giant axe on their shoulder and grin at their prey!

Lastly, Summoner, Arcanist, and Scholar all delve deep into study while preparing for battle. Always time for a quick recap!

Speaking of poses, here are two cute ones I took in Syrcus Tower, haha.

New gear! I used my Ixal Oaknots and crafted some of the the Augmented temple set for Monk. I just hope the Admiral in the back there doesn't plan on plundering it.

Another shot of our Free Company house - this time with Aeyzir playing hide and seek!

Zero filters, original screencap! I was mucking around on Black Mage and tilted the camera a bit to get this beautiful shot.

This is what a second set of Atma looks like. Sadly, they aren't for me, I helped Rie get them for her SMN Atma - congrats! (Although I did 10/11ths of the work!)

Lastly, I have been getting back into Frontlines with Aeyzir! I have discovered a new found love with Monk, and reached Rank 28 over two weeks. Just 10 more ranks until I can wear the PVP exclusive gear!

I always seem to take shots of Strawberry running towards the camera. Here she is running away from an enemy base after stealing it and warping back to her team's base!

Here is Alliance C at the start of a new battle!

Wish me luck!