Sunday, 14 September 2014

Friends Forever

After maxing out your reputation with every beast tribe, you can unlock one final, long, heart-warming quest that will make you think twice before hurting another beastman again! This is a tl;dr entry but may contain some spoilers!

Let's start with this asshole. A blood-thirsty sellsword that was hired to take out beastmen and gather their corpses for "experiments"! Strawberry isn't having any of that nonsense.

Gathering up other Eorzeans that aided her during the beast tribe quests, Strawberry hatches a plan to take out this sword-humping Miqo'te, and save the remaining captured beastmen!

After forcing a certain someone to wear a pretty, frilly dress, of course.

Having discovered the master plan was a bunch of filthy rich Lalafell alchemists hoping to get even richer by creating an augmented army of undead beastmen, the sellsword draws his blade and demands a fight to the death. After all, he's not in it for the cash, just for the thrill of battle!

...But who will challenge him?

Wait...what's this?!

It can't be...!

It is! It's the Beastmen Alliance!

Fuelled by revenge for kidnapping their kin, the beastmen band together and take out the kidnapper once and for all! Or so they thought...!

By feinting a fall, he managed to escape on one of the Lalafell's airships!

...or so he thought! The airship was blown to smithereens thanks to those pesky Kobold!

The alchemist's furnace - which contained the forbidden elixir to animate the dead - was taken out by Strawberry, and after calling the authorities, the story came to its happy ending.

Friends Forever was incredibly fun, engaging, and satisfying to complete. The beast tribe quests were originally introduced in December 2013, and now - nine months later - they came to a perfect conclusion!

As for rewards, just seeing this screen would have been enough - but wait, there's more!

The sellsword's unique mask "Sable Death", which can be glamoured onto any headpiece. Players also unlock the title "The Negotiator", and new wares become available from each beast tribe's vendor, including:

A new Amalj'aa minion!

A new Sahagin minion!

A new Ixal minion!

A new Sylph minion!

...and of course, a new Kobold minion.

If you haven't done these quests yet, what are you waiting for?! Grind them out! It's well worth it in the end!

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