Sunday, 7 September 2014

Best Buds

A few Free Company members requested to be featured on the blog, so here is a small selection of us having some fun!

I've been playing around on Rie's account recently, trying to take away the pain of gathering Atma - it was fun!

Here she is casting Meteor during Leviathan Extreme!

G'rahz came back after moving house and we unlocked his Expert Roulette together!

Aeyzir also returned and our usual silly Skype sessions continued!

She even teamed up with Rie to knock out those Atma!

Aeyzir is also just the correct height for Strawberry to cop a feel. Lewd.

Lastly, here's Mariot and Strawberry watering some Krakka Roots with...champagne?!

I'm still not sure how gardening works, but thanks for reading!

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