Friday, 8 August 2014

Silence! Silence in Court!

After weeks and weeks of practising, failing and attempting to clear Ramuh Extreme, I finally did it today with a collection of friends I met from other instances! A few people from Coil, Leviathan, and my Hunt Linkshell, all banded together to take down the big bearded bastard!

The fight is exceptionally hard. Harder than Titan, Leviathan, and even King Moggle Mog. It requires incredible teamwork and focus, watching every other member to know when its your time to shine or back off from the brawl. There's also an incredibly strict DPS check half way through, but with Strawberry's Monk, we managed to clear it three times in succession, passing the check flawlessly each time!

I also got extreme-ly lucky with drops! Out or 2 attempts I snatched two rings! Both instant upgrades to WHM, SCH and MNK!

Here is a closeup of what it looks like! A simple reskin of Garuda's ilvl90 ring, very pretty!

Thanks to everyone who helped, I am finally in the clear! Patch 2.3 conquered!

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