Sunday, 24 August 2014

Moonfire Faire 2014

This summer, Strawberry took part in her second summer event, the Moonfire Faire!

Unlike last year, the event was focused around traditional Japanese/Eastern customs, and by taking part in three minigames, players received three new Yukata an a new dance to perform during the festivities!

The minigames were quite unique and used mechanics from existing dungeons and open-world quests to complete. One example borrowed Stone Vigil's "cannon" gimmick to shoot down mandragoras and cactuars, and another used Brayflox's Longstop's final boss gimmick where you push bombs (literally) into containers loaded with fireworks!

My favourite (and least tedious) minigame was where you had to douse giant firework flames with water, much like the old Beast Tribe dailies. When I did it a second time during rainy weather, I wondered why they weren't extinguished already!

With this, Strawberry's first year in Eorzea - and the summer holiday of 2014 - had finally came to an end.

After getting her hair styled and donning her favourite pink Yukata, Strawberry set off to enjoy the celebrations one last time.

Thank you for an amazing year, Square Enix! Here's to many more!

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