Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hildibrand: The Rising

With every patch, I enjoy every piece of content that is released. One questline, however, I always keep until I have nothing else to do, and when that time comes, I sit down, relax, and let the laughter flow out of me like a waterfall.

That questline is, of course, Hilibrand.

This time, our detective hero not only (sort of) uncovered the truth about a dangerous thief, but also "almost" got his "rival" killed, "fought" a bunch of deadly mandragoras, and dressed up as a bride!

If I recall correctly, these little vegetables first appeared in FFXIII, and were ported to XIV perfectly. They were also released as a series of minions for players to collect!

The ones you fight in battle were huge, however!

Without giving away any big spoilers, it resulted in a happy yet mysterious ending as always. Hildibrand is becoming more and more like the Tiger & Bunny anime each time, and I can't love it enough!

See you next case!

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  1. I do the exact same thing -- I save the Hildi quests for the very end so I can savor every minute of it. :3