Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bird is the Word

Patch 2.35 came and gone in a flash but brought with it the fifth and presumed final set of Beast Tribe quests!

Set in Gridania, you offer to help a tribe of Ixal who refuse to worship Garuda, and wish to build an airship in order to reach a paradise in the sky. Is it all a bunch of baloney or could it be possible to build such an amazing craft...?

In fact, "craft" is the perfect word to use! Unlike the other Beast Tribe quests, the Ixal relies heavily on your ability to craft airship parts every day, with some battle related segments thrown in for good measure. Strawberry already has levelled every craft to 50 meaning she can breeze past the actual crafting sections, but unlike the other tribes, you can rank up the Ixal past 3 all the way to 7! They are also the only Beast tribe that you can start at an extremely low level, and I highly recommend all low level crafters do as it gives a ton of exp!

In addition to that, the main quests are in North Shroud, but send you off to other zones to search for supplies, and even include fishing, mining and botany aswell as crafting to complete! Each quest is fairly long but incredibly fun to do, and since you level up quickly through delivering items in need, they do not get too repetitive.

Again, I recommend anyone who has dabbled in crafting to try out these quests - your effort will be greatly rewarded!

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