Wednesday, 27 August 2014

FFXIV 1st Anniversary!

Happy Birthday FFXIV! It's been one heck of a crazy year!


Strawberry celebrated by returning to the wonderful world of Lalafells, cracking open a bottle of bubbly, and reminiscing over the last incredible year with help from the mysterious Wandering Minstrel...

There is so much to sing about!

The beautiful landscapes that prevailed through the Calamity...

The bonds of friendship that grew stronger every day...

The power to overcome the darkness that plagued Eorzea...

...were all possible because of Strawberry Daifuku, the Warrior of Light!

One year down, and many more to come!

Lastly, two new minions along with a handful of new fireworks to end the first year celebrations with a bang!


Good luck, Strawberry! We are all rooting for you!

If you want to read the first ever blog entry out of a staggering 177 that was uploaded one year ago today, click here! Thank you for always cheering me on!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A-well-a Everybody's Heard About the Bird!

The other new feature that Patch 2.35 introduced was the ability to dye our Grand Company Chocobos!

With a bit of Hunts, gardening, theorycrafting and community discussion, players from across the world quickly "solved" the rather complex method!

The process is as follows:

Take part in the new "Mob Hunt / The Hunt" system that was introduced in Patch 2.3 and earn some Allied Seals.
Buy a pouch of seeds for 15 seals from your Grand Company's Allied Seal vendor. These seeds are planted via gardening and grow into special fruit that "influence" your Chocobo's feather hue. There are 6 types; 3 that darken the R G B colour scale, and 3 that lighten it.
Your Chocobo can by dyed into any of the colours that are available via the Equipment Dye system and starts at "Desert Yellow". In order to obtain a specific colour, you can research other player's methods via the official forums or popular discussion pages such as Reddit's /r/ffxiv subreddit. Buy seeds of the same type of fruit they used and then keep following this guide!
In your Free Company garden, plant the seeds with any Shroud Topsoil (Grade 3 works the best as it yields the most fruit at a whopping 36 per seed!)
Each batch of seeds take 48 hours to grow. Water them once a day and use fertilizer to shorten that time by one hour (remember, you can only fertilize plants once every hour!).
Once you have all the fruit you need, you can approach the dyeing method two ways:

The "careful" approach: Feed your Chocobo one type of fruit until you see a confirmation message informing you that your Chocobo is "growing new feathers". This prompt means your Chocobo's feather hue has changed up or down exactly one colour. For some players, this prompt can take as little as 1 fruit or as many as 9 to appear, which is why you might need a lot of fruit! Now, you must wait 6 hours to see a result. After you see the hue shift, you can decide which fruits to use next to get the colour you desire.
☆ ☆ ☆
The "Gimmie my Black Chocobo NOW!" approach: Feed your Chocobo a whole bunch of fruit within the 6 hour waiting period. As you continually feed it, you will receive multiple confirmation prompts regarding your Chocobo growing new feathers. That's okay! It just means the game is cycling through loads of colours one after the other. Once you run out of fruit and wait 6 hours, your Chocobo will dramatically change colour with even greater results than method ①. Be warned, though, it's harder to recover from this should you not get the colour you want!
Luckily, if you do mess up, you can buy a pouch of Han Lemon seeds with Allied Seals and grow them into a fruit that - when fed to your Chocobo - will instantly revert it's feathers back to Desert Yellow in order to try again. There's no need to wait 6 hours either, the process is instant!

As for me, I wanted a Dalamud Red Chocobo, and finally got one by using a mixture of the two methods above. I started off very carefully, then ended up cramming Mochi's face full of fruit. It took a total of 4 feeding sessions (24 hours waiting time total) to achieve, and this was the process I used:

3 Xelphatol Apples, 1 Feather prompt
= Millioncorn Yellow
9 Xelphatol Apples, 1 Feather prompt
= Pumpkin Orange
22 Xelphatol Apples, 12 Feather prompts
   12 O'Ghomoro Berries, 12 Feather prompts
   8 Mamook Pears, 8 Feather prompts
= Blood Red ※※
 1 O'Ghomoro Berries, 1 Feather prompt
= Dalamud Red

※ Be wary of online guides or word of mouth that tell you to feed X amount of fruit in order to obtain the colour you desire. The only way to achieve it is through "Feather prompts". As you can see, ① and ② both darkened the hue only one step, but ② took 6 more apples, which means in order to get Pumpkin Orange, it takes "2 Feather prompts", not "12 Xelphatol Apples". The prompt is entirely random, and even though one person may only see it once over the course of feeding 9 fruit, you may see it up to 9 times, so be careful!

※※ During the third feeding I went full-out and followed a friend's guide to obtaining Dalamud Red. She never told me how many feather prompts she got, just how much fruit she used, which resulted in Blood Red despite us both using the same amount of fruit (see the note above regarding this). After feeding my chocobo a single O'Ghomoro Berry which triggered one feather change prompt, I waited 6 hours (just to be safe!) and finally got Dalamud Red. I was nervous the entire time and worried I had overshot the colour!

In the end, I was extremely lucky with my guesswork and very lucky to have such a small FC that doesn't use the garden, haha. Good luck with getting the colour you desire!


Bird is the Word

Patch 2.35 came and gone in a flash but brought with it the fifth and presumed final set of Beast Tribe quests!

Set in Gridania, you offer to help a tribe of Ixal who refuse to worship Garuda, and wish to build an airship in order to reach a paradise in the sky. Is it all a bunch of baloney or could it be possible to build such an amazing craft...?

In fact, "craft" is the perfect word to use! Unlike the other Beast Tribe quests, the Ixal relies heavily on your ability to craft airship parts every day, with some battle related segments thrown in for good measure. Strawberry already has levelled every craft to 50 meaning she can breeze past the actual crafting sections, but unlike the other tribes, you can rank up the Ixal past 3 all the way to 7! They are also the only Beast tribe that you can start at an extremely low level, and I highly recommend all low level crafters do as it gives a ton of exp!

In addition to that, the main quests are in North Shroud, but send you off to other zones to search for supplies, and even include fishing, mining and botany aswell as crafting to complete! Each quest is fairly long but incredibly fun to do, and since you level up quickly through delivering items in need, they do not get too repetitive.

Again, I recommend anyone who has dabbled in crafting to try out these quests - your effort will be greatly rewarded!

Hildibrand: The Rising

With every patch, I enjoy every piece of content that is released. One questline, however, I always keep until I have nothing else to do, and when that time comes, I sit down, relax, and let the laughter flow out of me like a waterfall.

That questline is, of course, Hilibrand.

This time, our detective hero not only (sort of) uncovered the truth about a dangerous thief, but also "almost" got his "rival" killed, "fought" a bunch of deadly mandragoras, and dressed up as a bride!

If I recall correctly, these little vegetables first appeared in FFXIII, and were ported to XIV perfectly. They were also released as a series of minions for players to collect!

The ones you fight in battle were huge, however!

Without giving away any big spoilers, it resulted in a happy yet mysterious ending as always. Hildibrand is becoming more and more like the Tiger & Bunny anime each time, and I can't love it enough!

See you next case!

That Elezen Face

I am pondering letting Strawberry return to the wonderful world of Lalafell with my extra Fantasia Potion. Before I do, here are some screenshots of her beautiful Elezen in action!

I'll never forget that even while frozen, she is the pinnacle of beauty.

I'll never forget her glorious sitting pose that makes it look as if she is sneering at friends...

I'll never forget that her equipment and weapons are so large you can make out every little detail...

I'll never forget the time she became a speedy Postmoogle delivery woman...

I'll never forget the long summer days we spent together...

I'll never forget those stunning long legs, and the fact she has to kneel down to pet and feed her minions.


...maybe I'll keep her around as an Elezen just a little longer.

Syrcus's Ringleader

Phlegethon set complete! Much like the original Crystal Tower, Syrcus Tower's drop rate was unforgiving. The hands took days to get, and the worst part, much like these, is that they drop from the very start of the dungeon, meaning some runs I would have to keep on going knowing I was getting nothing out of it! Ugh!

But with this ugly mask, it's all over! No more tanking in there ever again, and Strawberry's Warrior hit ilvl96! 4 levels to go to reach one of my mini-goals!

That's what Friends are For!

Recently, Esquire was infused with a load of Fresh Meat from Excalibur, and some old members made a return to the game once more!

 Welcome back Mariot, Rie, Aeyzir and Colette, and a huge welcome to everyone from Excalibur! 

So far we've completed two new Relics, geared up those who can't play often a bunch, unlocked a ton of content for returning members, refurbished the house and started taking gardening seriously! We even tried a SCH WHM PLD SMN Extreme Roulette for fun, which ended up being much more exciting than running with two DPS!

Onward, Esquire! To Glory!

Moonfire Faire 2014

This summer, Strawberry took part in her second summer event, the Moonfire Faire!

Unlike last year, the event was focused around traditional Japanese/Eastern customs, and by taking part in three minigames, players received three new Yukata an a new dance to perform during the festivities!

The minigames were quite unique and used mechanics from existing dungeons and open-world quests to complete. One example borrowed Stone Vigil's "cannon" gimmick to shoot down mandragoras and cactuars, and another used Brayflox's Longstop's final boss gimmick where you push bombs (literally) into containers loaded with fireworks!

My favourite (and least tedious) minigame was where you had to douse giant firework flames with water, much like the old Beast Tribe dailies. When I did it a second time during rainy weather, I wondered why they weren't extinguished already!

With this, Strawberry's first year in Eorzea - and the summer holiday of 2014 - had finally came to an end.

After getting her hair styled and donning her favourite pink Yukata, Strawberry set off to enjoy the celebrations one last time.

Thank you for an amazing year, Square Enix! Here's to many more!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Silence! Silence in Court!

After weeks and weeks of practising, failing and attempting to clear Ramuh Extreme, I finally did it today with a collection of friends I met from other instances! A few people from Coil, Leviathan, and my Hunt Linkshell, all banded together to take down the big bearded bastard!

The fight is exceptionally hard. Harder than Titan, Leviathan, and even King Moggle Mog. It requires incredible teamwork and focus, watching every other member to know when its your time to shine or back off from the brawl. There's also an incredibly strict DPS check half way through, but with Strawberry's Monk, we managed to clear it three times in succession, passing the check flawlessly each time!

I also got extreme-ly lucky with drops! Out or 2 attempts I snatched two rings! Both instant upgrades to WHM, SCH and MNK!

Here is a closeup of what it looks like! A simple reskin of Garuda's ilvl90 ring, very pretty!

Thanks to everyone who helped, I am finally in the clear! Patch 2.3 conquered!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Goldsmith 4: The Golden

Strawberry achieved all the Goldsmith achievements at last!

Finally...her second Luminary tool!

It seems everything just keeps getting bigger and bigger recently!