Monday, 7 July 2014

The Second Coil: Turn 2

It was time for the Eyes of Bahamut to take on Turn 2 of the Second Coil of Bahamut!

We got stuck on this fight for the longest time, until most of our members caught up with the harsh DPS/ilvl requirements. Compared to Turn 1, it was a real test of skill and teamwork!

This turn brought back another common sight for FFXI players; Lamia! This one in particular is the boss, who comes packed full of surprises, including giving a debuff to 3 players every 15-20 seconds that causes them to petrify anyone standing in front of them, a nasty venomous tail slap that causes the most damaging poison to date unless erased, and of course, petrification, causing any player looking at her ugly mug to turn to stone.

Unlike XI, getting hit while petrified results in instant death. If any key members got turned to stone accidentally, the fight was pretty much over!

But at long last, down she fell, and we were half way to completing the Second Coil!

It was a very long and painful journey...

...but in the end, Strawberry got a brand new body piece to play with, even though just beating the fight would have been enough!

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