Monday, 7 July 2014


It's almost time for Patch 2.3! Here are some funny highlights from 2.2 and 2.25!

Waah! I didn't get to talk about the new Hildibrand quests at all! I was so engrossed in the fantastic storytelling and amazing comedy to take any screenshots! One fight, however, possibly became my favourite fight in the game; Gilgamesh!

Slapstick from start to finish, Gilgamesh was a joy to "fight", he would turn adventurers into frogs, set loose chickens on them, mess up some of his attacks, and even apologise half way throughout the fight! I cannot wait for an Extreme Mode version of this!

I have been with the Maelstrom long enough to unlock this escutcheon! With new Frontlines PvP on the horizon, do I switch back to the Immortal Flames or drink the sea's bitter draught till' sea swallows all?

Jkun brought back a unique minion from one of his ventures!

...What an ugly little chap.

Over 500 people seem to love Strawberry! This was enough to unlock the Gilded Magitek mount! Of course, nothing will beat my fat chocobo, but it's nice to know I must be doing something right through the commendation system!

Lastly, over the course of a year Strawberry has defeated over 100,000 enemies - what an achievement! Here's to another 200,000 deaths by her tiny Lalafell hands!

Thanks for reading!

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