Sunday, 27 July 2014

Defender of Eorzea

Patch 2.3 was released a couple of weeks ago! The first thing Strawberry tackled was the Main Scenario missions, here's a small, spoiler-free recap of what happened!

Unlike 2.2 there wasn't a huge buildup to the main feature - Ramuh! Unlike other Primals, this garlic-bearded old man didn't want to conquer or destroy the world, but decided to judge Strawberry and the Scions to see if Eorzea can be defended by their strength alone!

Ramuh is a very interesting fight. The Story version isn't that difficult, the same cannot be said for the Extreme version, though! Players must practice positioning, learn to purposely damage other players to knock them out of a trance that results in instant death, and damage Ramuh Egis before they bring down the hammer of judgement!

With Gridania saved again, it was time to see what other drama had occurred around Eorzea...!

Ul'dah is in a lot of trouble if one little Syndicate member gets away with what they are trying to do - which would explain Nanamo's tears! Strawberry and friends already defeated the Ultima weapon once (or twice?) but what if something like the Omega weapon were to be uncovered...?!

Introducing the Defenders of Eorzea! The scions (with some help from Strawberry, of course) recruited members from all walks of Eorzea, from baddies that had changed their ways to retired heroes. No matter what the problem, the defenders will be able to solve it!

Well... maybe not all the problems...

Something tells me Coerthas is going to be getting pretty crowded in the future...!

Thanks for reading!

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