Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Familiar Robot

Wait a second, first the Goldsmith quest introduced us to FFXI's Mnejing, and now Ovjang appears in the new Hunt event?

Oh my! My mammet-loving spine just gave me the shivers! Hurry up, Puppetmaster!

Life on the Frontline

I put off taking part in the new PvP Frontlines because I was unsure which Grand Company I wanted to settle with. Once you start levelling it up, switching means you lose all your progress!

Despite starting in Ul'dah as a tiny little Monk, I finally decided to support the Maelstrom! A lot of my friends and LS members chose the same, and personally, Limsa Lominsa is the most convenient and comfortable main city to live in!

Frontlines is incredibly fun, and unlike the Wolves' Den, death doesn't mean game over! Over 70 players going head to head on the battlefield in a grand scale King of the Hill challenge, there's just no stop to the action!

See you on the plains of war!

'Till Sea Swallows All!

The Second Coil: Turn 3

The Eyes of Bahamut finally bested Turn 3's Avatar; a giant, guardian robot that 99% of the time stops intruders dead in their tracks.

We are the 1%!

We used a timed macro system in order to know where to stand and who should deal with certain mechanics. As a Monk, the fight is very TP intensive, Invigoration timing has to be perfect, overusing our doubling up on DoT abilities during adds is a huge mistake, and knowing when to stop and back off to survive certain deadly attacks such as Allagan Field is key! It didn't take as long as Turn 2 to down, but something tells me the next and final Turn will be the biggest headache of all...!

As always, wish me luck!

Summer Cut

It's summer, and almost 1 whole year since FFXIV's release.

Time to go back to Strawberry's original hairstyle for a while!

Psst, Strawberry is the cuter one in the background!

Gear it Up!

Here's some new gear Strawberry got her mitts on in Patch 2.3 so far!

Full Daystar equipment for WHM and SCH!

Divine Harvest gear from the new i80 Dungeons for SCH and WHM...

...and it's twin, the Divine Death for caster types!

Stay tuned for more if they ever drop!

Ten Times the Fun!

Esquire has grown! Llyria finally cleared the first Binding Coil, and Strawberry cleared it for the 10th time with help from our new friend Lenna!

If the achievement alone wasn't satisfying enough, Strawberry also took home a trophy on her 10th run! All Monk i90 pieces complete!

More on Lenna and her friends in the future!

Dungeon Defenders

Time to do the usual introduction of Patch 2.3's new dungeons!

A lost island in the middle of the Rhotano Sea, known for it's beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, deadly caverns, and of course, mysterious ship graveyard.

Wish you were here!

Although some residents wish you were not.

The knights of Ishgard have had it up to here with those rampaging dragons and Dravinians surrounding the Stone Vigil. It's time to put and end to them once and for all!

Of course, that is easier said than done.

Following the misadventures of a brokenhearted maiden, adventurers are once again summoned to the Tam Tara Deepcroft in order to stop another evil from being released into Eorzea...

Oh, too late.

1000 Dungeons cleared, here's to another 1000!

Crystalline Tower: Part 2

It's time to delve back into the Crystal Tower again! Or should I say...Syrcus Tower!

The second instalment of the 24-man Crystal Tower raid was unlocked in Patch 2.3, and it's beautiful!

Much like the Original Crystal Tower, it consists of 4 bosses and some trash mobs in between!

A lot of the mechanics are borrowed from the original Labyrinth of the Ancients, Coil of Bahamut, and Battle on the Big Bridge, including elemental attacks such as ice and fire that cancel each other out, holding enemies in certain positions in order to charge up teleport pads to escape certain death, and hiding behind big rocks to avoid wiping!

In general, the difficulty is on par with the original raid, and each boss is colourful, eccentric, and boast a huge array of unique and fun mechanics.

The final boss, Xande, is the final boss of Crystal Tower in Final Fantasy III. Square Enix confirmed the next Crystal Tower installation will be the last, but where could it possibly take place?!

We'll just have to wait and find out!

Rewards include ilvl100 equipment that is essentially cosplay from each of the Labyrinth's and Syrcus Tower's bosses! Here's the tanking body piece! Each run also has the possibility of dropping Unidentified Allagan Tomestones, Oil of Time, Furnishing items and Minions! Plus loads of Mythology Tomestones to boot!

Of course, there is a weekly lockout in place due to the raid being new, so I will be using it to casually level up my WAR for now! Wish me luck!

Defender of Eorzea

Patch 2.3 was released a couple of weeks ago! The first thing Strawberry tackled was the Main Scenario missions, here's a small, spoiler-free recap of what happened!

Unlike 2.2 there wasn't a huge buildup to the main feature - Ramuh! Unlike other Primals, this garlic-bearded old man didn't want to conquer or destroy the world, but decided to judge Strawberry and the Scions to see if Eorzea can be defended by their strength alone!

Ramuh is a very interesting fight. The Story version isn't that difficult, the same cannot be said for the Extreme version, though! Players must practice positioning, learn to purposely damage other players to knock them out of a trance that results in instant death, and damage Ramuh Egis before they bring down the hammer of judgement!

With Gridania saved again, it was time to see what other drama had occurred around Eorzea...!

Ul'dah is in a lot of trouble if one little Syndicate member gets away with what they are trying to do - which would explain Nanamo's tears! Strawberry and friends already defeated the Ultima weapon once (or twice?) but what if something like the Omega weapon were to be uncovered...?!

Introducing the Defenders of Eorzea! The scions (with some help from Strawberry, of course) recruited members from all walks of Eorzea, from baddies that had changed their ways to retired heroes. No matter what the problem, the defenders will be able to solve it!

Well... maybe not all the problems...

Something tells me Coerthas is going to be getting pretty crowded in the future...!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Spring has come, Spring has gone!

Having just made my very own Spring Dress, it seems Spring has already ended and Patch 2.3 is just around the corner! I managed to complete everything 2.2 and 2.25 had to offer, and I am currently working towards:

BSM, ARM and CRP Artisan weapons
The Second Coil of Bahamut Turns 3 & 4

I cannot wait to see what new and exciting adventures await Strawberry in Defenders of Eorzea!

As always, wish me luck!


It's almost time for Patch 2.3! Here are some funny highlights from 2.2 and 2.25!

Waah! I didn't get to talk about the new Hildibrand quests at all! I was so engrossed in the fantastic storytelling and amazing comedy to take any screenshots! One fight, however, possibly became my favourite fight in the game; Gilgamesh!

Slapstick from start to finish, Gilgamesh was a joy to "fight", he would turn adventurers into frogs, set loose chickens on them, mess up some of his attacks, and even apologise half way throughout the fight! I cannot wait for an Extreme Mode version of this!

I have been with the Maelstrom long enough to unlock this escutcheon! With new Frontlines PvP on the horizon, do I switch back to the Immortal Flames or drink the sea's bitter draught till' sea swallows all?

Jkun brought back a unique minion from one of his ventures!

...What an ugly little chap.

Over 500 people seem to love Strawberry! This was enough to unlock the Gilded Magitek mount! Of course, nothing will beat my fat chocobo, but it's nice to know I must be doing something right through the commendation system!

Lastly, over the course of a year Strawberry has defeated over 100,000 enemies - what an achievement! Here's to another 200,000 deaths by her tiny Lalafell hands!

Thanks for reading!