Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summoning Night

Arcanist 50, which means two jobs hit 50 at the same time!

Scholar 50!

I love healing on White Mage and wanted to try out Scholar for the longest time. It's much more complex and busier than WHM, but just as much fun. There's something about healing that makes me feel so at ease - probably because I have the utmost confidence that nobody will die under my watch!

The quest was also beautiful - I never want to visit Wanderer's Palace or harm another Tonberry again!

Luckily my White Mage gear is all role based and not job/class based, so I could instantly get my Scholar to ilvl 90 with no troubles. Now to start working on a weapon!

Summoner 50! Since both jobs stem from Arcanist, I loved occasionally playing around on SMN while solo.

Caster DPS is a whole new thing to me, and so far I am only ilvl 77 with a few pieces of stray Allagan, but I've already taken SMN through Coil 1-4 and Crystal Tower, surprised at the potential of such a strange job!

I never thought Damage Over Time spells could be so...lethal! Combined with the Pet's attacks and abilities (Garuda's Contagion being my favourite!), I really want to see how far I can take this kind of DPS! Time to revisit those Extreme Primals once again and level up my Caster gear to 90!

As always, wish me luck!

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Some Patch 2.25 leftover screenshots because today is Patch 2.28 day!

Above is my WAR and MNK! Jkun brought me some Light Steel Plates and Tafetta Cloth which I synthed into the new dyable Coliseum gear! As for MNK, I managed to grab the High Allagan Visor from The Second Coil! It even has a /visor command!

Speaking of which, Strawberry glitched out while sitting down just outside of Coil when our group was gathering. It looks like she's dancing!

My third and final (for the time being) Relic Zenith, Bravura! I had 900 points left over after completing Sphairai's Animus so thought why the heck not!

Last but not least, this Big Fishing quest took two whole weeks of fishing every day to complete! The conditions to meet were incredibly annoying. Daytime + Sunny Weather + High Gathering skill + Double Mooch (catching 2x High Quality fish beforehand and reusing them as bait) for a chance at catching this giant! But one day all the requirements were aligned and it reared its ugly head!

See you in patch 2.28!