Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Zodiac Weapons: Sphairai I

In true Final Fantasy tradition, the mystical Relic Weapons can now be upgraded over time to reach their final Zodiac form! The first set of quests - Trial of the Braves - was introduced in patch 2.2, and allowed players to upgrade one (or more!) weapon of their choosing. But unlike obtaining the Relic, obtaining the new Animus weapon is no walk in the park.

Of course, I picked Monk! It is my main job and will probably always be my main unless Puppetmaster is introduced again! The first stage of this gruesome challenge made players take part in FATEs all around Eorzea in order to procure 12 "Atma", which dropped at a very low percentage. For some players this first quest took weeks to beat, for Strawberry, it only took a couple of days. I was really lucky!

With all the Atma collected, Sphairai transformed into a pair of Sphairai Atma!

Now the real challenge begins...

Trials of the Braves is a system similar to the Hunting Log. Players spend 1,500 Myth to buy a book that is jam-packed with challenges, from killing 100 enemies to taking part in specific dungeons. 

Once a book is complete, the Atma weapon gets stronger, and once all nine books are complete (costing a whopping 13,500 Myth total), your Atma weapon transforms into an Animus weapon!

As of writing Strawberry is on book 7 out of 9! Just three to go! I have been working on one book per week as to not burn myself out - collecting all that Myth is way more tiring than collecting FATE Atma for sure!

Wish me (and Sphairai) luck in reaching the Animus stage!

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