Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Great King Returns!

The King is back, baby.

King Moggle Mog's latest battle is chaos. Each Mooglesguard Moogle has a unique ability such as the Thief who likes to stab you in the back for critical damage, the Archer who enjoys raining arrows down upon random party members, and the infamous Black Mage who loves blowing up entire sections of the arena with Meteor!

This time, the battle plan is a little more complex. Take down the Mooglesguard Moogles to low health, kill one off, and then watch as the King replenishes their health with his own! Rinse and repeat until the King has just enough health left to defeat before he casts his ultimate spell!

I tried to beat him countless times before making my own party. Like the other Primals, he drops an accessory - a cute little ilvl100 neck piece, which I finally grabbed for Monk on my 20th~ win! What a crazy low drop rate!

And since it is All Jobs, I can glamour it to White Mage too, how cute!

Personally, this is much more challenging than Leviathan Extreme because of the strange yet interesting tactics. But once you practice a few times, it'll always go smoothly from then on...unless people keep running into Delta, of course.

Thanks for reading! In future I won't be posting about every little thing that happens in-game (I just don't have the time!) but please make sure to keep coming back and to keep cheering Strawberry on!

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