Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Binding Coil V

Following on from this entry, our little team of (mostly) Lalafells finally downed big, bad Twintania a few months ago!

Screams of joy, albeit in Japanese, when we finally downed her! It took us three months from attempting Turn 1 in ilvl70 gear to clearing Turn 5 at ilvl90! We got stuck on Twintania's divebomb phase countless times, yet the first time we successfully cleared them, we instantly cleared Twisters and Hatch too. We just got into an incredibly focused rhythm and tried our very best until the end!

Just look at those smiles!

There's also always time for a dance!

So what's next? The Eyes of Bahamut are going to keep delving further into the mysterious Binding Coil, of course!

Until next time...!

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