Sunday, 18 May 2014

Retain This!

All of my Retainers hit their respected level caps!

Jkun, once a Dark Knight, now a Marauder who stores all of my low level battle equipment!

Jchan, his sister, a Botanist who stores all of my crafting materials!

Vimechue, Jkun's adventuring fellow who took a liking to healing and now stores high level equipment!

...and Zeid! A silent, mysterious Miner who mineds his own business!

At ilvl70, DoW and DoM Retainers get access to new 18-hour ventures, whereas DoL Retainers require a high amount of Gathering skill to access theirs. I gathered another two Forager's tools for Jchan and Zeid, and along with a few new pieces of melded gear, hit the cap easily.

Sadly, they still bring back nothing but junk. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get something useful!

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