Friday, 16 May 2014

Nothing But the Best

In order to catch up with Patch 2.2's Gathering and Crafting updates, I have been hard at work gathering and, well, crafting! The first thing I did was grab both Miner and Botanist's ilvl70 tools and a new ilvl70 hat, which can be worn on all jobs! The hat required 30 Fragrant Logs or Umbral Ores, the Botanist's tool required 60 Fragrant Logs, and the Miner's tool required 60 Umbral Ores.

Did I mention they needed to be HQ, can't be gathered unless you have incredibly high melds on your gear, and are only available for a short time window every hour? Getting these took a long time! In the screenshot above I got very lucky!

After obtaining all of the above, I could finally start working on on grabbing a bunch of HQ ingredients for my crafting jobs. But alas, in order to craft the new three star items, I needed some new crafting gear, which, much like gathering, required a certain amount of items to obtain - some of which take days to get a hold of!

The first item is a pair of Artisan's Glasses, which again, can be worn on all jobs. The fastest way I found was to meld Culinarian and hand in the requested Sauteed Coeurl, as it is the easiest item to make. This gave me access to the Culinarian Master Recipe book, which allowed me to make Spicy Tomato Relish, which is used to obtain the glasses. Again, an easy recipe, and once I obtained the glasses, I could use them on all my other DoH jobs to slightly raise their crafting abilities!

Once the Master Recipe books are unlocked on each job, the next upgrade is a new tool, which can be obtained by handing in 50 of the Master Recipes. It took a long time, but I finally have the ability to make 3 star Weaving and Culinarian items! I am currently working feverishly to get Leatherworker, Armourer and Goldsmith up to that stage too - wish me luck!

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