Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Minions, Mounts, Minions!

With so much extra content being released at once, along with subscription bonuses and the start of PS4 sales, Square Enix were giving out new minions and mounts like candy! 

First of all is a tiny little Bahamut, which can be obtained by purchasing the FFXIV: ARR soundtrack! The original 1.0 soundtrack too means you can have Bahamut inside the Dalamud and outside of it as shown above!

Next we have free teleport tickets, Warrior of Light Chocobo barding, and two new minions!

Here's a close-up of Odin! He's gonna poke Strawberry's eye out with that sword!

Next up is the famous Behemoth mount and Grand Company minion!

Behemoth is huge! He doesn't scale with character race, so even a tiny Lalafell can be treated like a queen!

Since Strawberry returned to the Maelstrom, the Grand Company minion defaulted to Admiral Merlwyb!

Just what I always wanted - my own Moogle!

...and if you gather two or more together they perform a little jig!

In order to aid avid screenshot takers, there exists a miniature sun minion, which is a stationary light source that disappears with the HUD, leaving behind a bright light in the darkest of areas! How useful!

Last but not least...

Introducing the best mount ever, the Fat Chocobo!

No matter how many times he tries, he'll never get that green!

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