Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dungeons: Expert Roulette!

As always, a new patch, and dungeons These three dungeons are classified as "Expert", which means were are getting to the real gruesome stuff!

What better way to fuel your nightmares than with 2.2's brand new dungeon!

The entire dungeon is set outdoors in the ruins of Amdapor. There are loads of new, unique enemies and bosses, from this giant goobbue with a mouth for a stomach, to a naughty little gremlin that curses at you!

After the second boss, players delve down into the abyss and come face to face with a very familiar enemy from the Final Fantasy series...

Diabolos himself!

This boss fight is simply incredible! Scattered around the edge of the arena are doors with special symbols on them. Opening a pair of doors with the same symbol sucks the party into another plain of existence, making them immune to Diabolos' fearful Ruminous Omen!

The camera zooms out to show you what would have been your grave should you miss opening the door before returning you to the battlefield!

Next up, thanks to adventurers like Strawberry, Ul'dah has fixed up Halatali in order to host another bloodbath! This time the spotlight is on you!

Armed with dangerous traps, deadly beasts and brave champions of tournaments past, it's finally time to make a name for yourself throughout the fighting world!

Lastly, Strawberry return to Brayflox's Longstop to liberate some Goblins all for the sake of cheese!

But the more... elite goblins won't allow that to happen quite so easily...!

I cannot pick a favourite out of patch 2.2's dungeons! I love anything to do with Goblins, seeing Halatali all fixed and prepped for battle was jaw dropping, and the atmosphere surrounding Amdapor, coupled with the appearance of popular FF11 enemies such as Wamouras and Hecteyes was something incredibly special. Here's to the next set of dungeons, may they be as interesting and fun as these were!

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