Sunday, 18 May 2014

Zodiac Weapons: Sphairai II

Sphairai Animus Complete!

900 Enemies, 27 Dungeons, FATEs, Leves, and 13,500 Tomestones of Mythology later Strawberry has reached the second stage of the Saga of the Zodiac Weapons!

It was an exhausting couple of months. I think Monk's Animus is the only one I will go for at the moment. To do this all again would be a nightmare...!

They grow up so fast! little Strawberry is now ready to take on even more big, bad enemies! The next stage of the Zodiac Weapons Saga will be released in Patch 2.3!

Wish me luck!!

Retain This!

All of my Retainers hit their respected level caps!

Jkun, once a Dark Knight, now a Marauder who stores all of my low level battle equipment!

Jchan, his sister, a Botanist who stores all of my crafting materials!

Vimechue, Jkun's adventuring fellow who took a liking to healing and now stores high level equipment!

...and Zeid! A silent, mysterious Miner who mineds his own business!

At ilvl70, DoW and DoM Retainers get access to new 18-hour ventures, whereas DoL Retainers require a high amount of Gathering skill to access theirs. I gathered another two Forager's tools for Jchan and Zeid, and along with a few new pieces of melded gear, hit the cap easily.

Sadly, they still bring back nothing but junk. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get something useful!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Pants 2: The Pantening

Kyaaaah!! Don't look! I'm petrified and can't help it!

The Second Coil: Turn 1

We downed the first turn of the Second Coil of Bahamut! Also known as Turn 6.

The boss was this giant, nasty Rafflesia. Positioning and damage were key in taking it down, as it can spawn nasty bulbs around the arena that expand into giant patches of thorns, link two people together with vines that can only be broken by running far away from each other, and smacking around bees before they sting a random player that is covered with delicious honey - all while avoiding getting swallowed up by the boss itself and remembering not to lift a single finger during a deadly attack that can one-hit-knockout any member who even thinks of moving!

It was an incredibly fun fight, and I even got a new set of earrings out of it!

My Monk is now ilvl96 and growing stronger each day! Onto Turn 2!

Butt Buddies

Big fluffy butts.

What's With the Hair?

Trying out a new hairstyle! Those twintails were getting in the way!



No More Bombs For You

I finished the Kobold and Sahagin daily questlines!

Look at that! Isn't it lovely?!

Like the previous beast tribe quests, I opted out of buying new Mounts and went with Minions instead! Here's the baby Sahagin!

...and here is the Kobold Minion, which has instantly become my favourite. I can't quite put my finger on it, but all of a sudden I have the desire to form some sort of magical girl contract with it...

Lyrics of the Whorl

Leviathan Leviathan Endless!
Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
Leviathan Leviathan Breathless!
Leviathan Leviathan Deathless!

I have all my Leviathan weapons! Now to upgrade them... this calls for MORE WOLFJOB GRINDING!

Nothing But the Best

In order to catch up with Patch 2.2's Gathering and Crafting updates, I have been hard at work gathering and, well, crafting! The first thing I did was grab both Miner and Botanist's ilvl70 tools and a new ilvl70 hat, which can be worn on all jobs! The hat required 30 Fragrant Logs or Umbral Ores, the Botanist's tool required 60 Fragrant Logs, and the Miner's tool required 60 Umbral Ores.

Did I mention they needed to be HQ, can't be gathered unless you have incredibly high melds on your gear, and are only available for a short time window every hour? Getting these took a long time! In the screenshot above I got very lucky!

After obtaining all of the above, I could finally start working on on grabbing a bunch of HQ ingredients for my crafting jobs. But alas, in order to craft the new three star items, I needed some new crafting gear, which, much like gathering, required a certain amount of items to obtain - some of which take days to get a hold of!

The first item is a pair of Artisan's Glasses, which again, can be worn on all jobs. The fastest way I found was to meld Culinarian and hand in the requested Sauteed Coeurl, as it is the easiest item to make. This gave me access to the Culinarian Master Recipe book, which allowed me to make Spicy Tomato Relish, which is used to obtain the glasses. Again, an easy recipe, and once I obtained the glasses, I could use them on all my other DoH jobs to slightly raise their crafting abilities!

Once the Master Recipe books are unlocked on each job, the next upgrade is a new tool, which can be obtained by handing in 50 of the Master Recipes. It took a long time, but I finally have the ability to make 3 star Weaving and Culinarian items! I am currently working feverishly to get Leatherworker, Armourer and Goldsmith up to that stage too - wish me luck!

Rise and Shine!

A brand new day of adventuring awaits!

Astral Flow

I made a character on the EU server Odin to play with my art friend Viruka! Her name is Astral Flow and she is an Arcanist.

I just wanted to see what it would be like to play as something big for a change, and to test out the latency, which wasn't bad! Just... everyone was so small!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Great King Returns!

The King is back, baby.

King Moggle Mog's latest battle is chaos. Each Mooglesguard Moogle has a unique ability such as the Thief who likes to stab you in the back for critical damage, the Archer who enjoys raining arrows down upon random party members, and the infamous Black Mage who loves blowing up entire sections of the arena with Meteor!

This time, the battle plan is a little more complex. Take down the Mooglesguard Moogles to low health, kill one off, and then watch as the King replenishes their health with his own! Rinse and repeat until the King has just enough health left to defeat before he casts his ultimate spell!

I tried to beat him countless times before making my own party. Like the other Primals, he drops an accessory - a cute little ilvl100 neck piece, which I finally grabbed for Monk on my 20th~ win! What a crazy low drop rate!

And since it is All Jobs, I can glamour it to White Mage too, how cute!

Personally, this is much more challenging than Leviathan Extreme because of the strange yet interesting tactics. But once you practice a few times, it'll always go smoothly from then on...unless people keep running into Delta, of course.

Thanks for reading! In future I won't be posting about every little thing that happens in-game (I just don't have the time!) but please make sure to keep coming back and to keep cheering Strawberry on!

Return of Rie

Rie started playing again so we went on a bunch of adventures!

The first thing we did was unlock a bunch of new dance moves!

Sadly, still screenshots never do them justice!

Even bluebird wants to join in!

After exhausting ourselves we decided to take down Garuda and Titan and finally get Rie her relic weapon! Some battles did...not end well.

But in the end, we succeeded! She even unlocked the Zenith version and Crystal Tower! Go, Rie!

Then at the end of the day, after a quick haircut and dye later, we took part in some quite lewd activities back home in Lavender Beds along with Llyria...

Ah, youth.

Get with the Allagan Times!

Now that the Binding Coil of Bahamut Turns 1-5 have been added to the duty finder, and our little team of (mostly) Lalafells have taken down Twintania a few times, I tried grabbing some ilvl90 gear for the White Mage!

Starting with the ugly circlet that makes me look like I have angry eyebrows all the time! D:<

I also tried Turn 2's enrage method for the first time ever. It was...interesting! Like a giant rave party!

After about 40 attempts at Turn 4 with no drop in sight, I finally got my Allagan Tunic! ilvl90 attained! As for my weapon, well, I couldn't resist using this lil' guy again.

I just love him to bits!

Zodiac Weapons: Sphairai I

In true Final Fantasy tradition, the mystical Relic Weapons can now be upgraded over time to reach their final Zodiac form! The first set of quests - Trial of the Braves - was introduced in patch 2.2, and allowed players to upgrade one (or more!) weapon of their choosing. But unlike obtaining the Relic, obtaining the new Animus weapon is no walk in the park.

Of course, I picked Monk! It is my main job and will probably always be my main unless Puppetmaster is introduced again! The first stage of this gruesome challenge made players take part in FATEs all around Eorzea in order to procure 12 "Atma", which dropped at a very low percentage. For some players this first quest took weeks to beat, for Strawberry, it only took a couple of days. I was really lucky!

With all the Atma collected, Sphairai transformed into a pair of Sphairai Atma!

Now the real challenge begins...

Trials of the Braves is a system similar to the Hunting Log. Players spend 1,500 Myth to buy a book that is jam-packed with challenges, from killing 100 enemies to taking part in specific dungeons. 

Once a book is complete, the Atma weapon gets stronger, and once all nine books are complete (costing a whopping 13,500 Myth total), your Atma weapon transforms into an Animus weapon!

As of writing Strawberry is on book 7 out of 9! Just three to go! I have been working on one book per week as to not burn myself out - collecting all that Myth is way more tiring than collecting FATE Atma for sure!

Wish me (and Sphairai) luck in reaching the Animus stage!