Sunday, 27 April 2014


Just when Limsa Lominsa thought they were safe from the lord of the whorl, Leviathan bites back!

Strawberry had so much confidence in taking down this oversized snake, she even decided to do a little dance!

The Extreme mode version of Leviathan is very similar to the Hard mode version, only this time, after the half way mark, the ship's railings are tossed into the bloodcurdling sea! Similar to Titan, if you fall off, it's game over! There are also a few extra Sahagin that jump aboard in order to throw some players into a state of hysteria!

It is an incredibly fun fight with some amazing music and very nice rewards! Here is Monk's Wave Patas. The base weapons are item level 95, and can be upgraded with mirrors that also drop, albeit very rarely.

Good luck to everyone taking Leviathan on!

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