Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beastly Brothers

Patch 2.2 introduced two new Beast Tribe daily quests, both linked to Limsa Lominsa. The first features the bottom-feeding, pathetic to the point of adorableness Kobold.

Meet the bad, big (daddy) guy, who want to get rid of any slacking Kobold that aren't pulling their weight!

I helped the Sylph and Amal'jaa because I was just going with the flow, but the Kobolds, oh boy, for the first time I actually want to help them! They are just so pathetic and need all the help they can get!

Then there are the Sahagin, who are different from those nasty Sahagin that summoned Leviathan in an attempt to crush Limsa Lominsa (again).

The Sahagin need Strawberry to protect their young, in hope that they don't grow up into Leviathan-worshipping, Eorzian-hating fishmen like most of their race!

For the time being, both Sahagin and Kobold can rely on Strawberry to lend a hand!


Just when Limsa Lominsa thought they were safe from the lord of the whorl, Leviathan bites back!

Strawberry had so much confidence in taking down this oversized snake, she even decided to do a little dance!

The Extreme mode version of Leviathan is very similar to the Hard mode version, only this time, after the half way mark, the ship's railings are tossed into the bloodcurdling sea! Similar to Titan, if you fall off, it's game over! There are also a few extra Sahagin that jump aboard in order to throw some players into a state of hysteria!

It is an incredibly fun fight with some amazing music and very nice rewards! Here is Monk's Wave Patas. The base weapons are item level 95, and can be upgraded with mirrors that also drop, albeit very rarely.

Good luck to everyone taking Leviathan on!

Lord of the Whorl

Hello! It's been one month since Patch 2.2 hit and I have been too busy playing it to blog! But don't worry, I have over 100 screenshots cropped and ready to share with the rest of Eorzea!

The first thing that was introduced was the glamour system, allowing players to customize their practical gear and weapons with anything they like! The screenshot above is how my Monk looks now! Strawberry will be wearing loads of new clothes from now on, I hope you enjoy exploring her closet as much as I did creating it!

Let's kick off with the new main scenario quests, which begin with a mysterious new character...

...and for the first time in months Strawberry finally returned back home to Ul'dah!

In order to find this strange new character and her other refugee brothers and sisters somewhere to live, many negotiations were had before the Scions decided to give them a place to stay in Revenant's Toll.

But first, some kids took an interest in Strawberry...!

Always so truthful. Good luck, kids!

But not longer after arriving at Revenant's Toll, rumours from Limsa Lominsa spoke of a really nasty Sahagin leader who wanted to revive the lord of the whorl, Leviathan!

Of course, Admiral Merlwyb isn't going to stand for that nonsense...

...and the Scions aren't going to let them get away with it either!

Sadly, as is always the case, time was not on good guy's side, and with thanks to the power of the Echo, the Sahagin completed their summoning ritual!

Which puts us all, including Mochi, in quite a pinch.

One quick construction of a specialised ship with the purpose of taking down a slippery, slimy primal later, Strawberry and the gang took to the seas to end what the Sahagin started!

All aboard the success ship!

After one fairly simple battle later, Leviathan evaporated back into aether and Limsa was safe once again

For now, at least...