Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Price was Right!

We bought a house!

Llyria, Mariot and myself saved up all of our gil and started looking for a place to call home. We spent a whole day looking, then after sleeping on it, decided on Lavender Beds as it just felt the cosiest out of the three housing areas. We picked Ward 5 as it wasn't overpopulated at the time, and picked a spot really close to the stores, aetheryte, marketboard, and summoning bell, which turned out to be Plot 20!

Mariot donated this lovely little personal Aetheryte which allows us to teleport straight to our home from anywhere in Eorzea!

New member Paul donated his King Moogle Mog whisker to make this delivery box, which allows us to sent and receive messages right on our own doorstep! Let's take a peek inside...

Welcome! Everything was crafted by Llyria and I! Since we only have about three active members, we can't afford many of the big showoff items, but since we only own a cottage, there isn't much space to put that kind of stuff anyway!

What brings you to Heaven's Tower, adventurer? Oh, is it your first time here? Let me explain, we named our house after a very prominent building in Final Fantasy XI's Gridania-like city, Windurst. Hold on a second.

What is it Behemoth? Room service? Now? Can't you see I am busy with guests here? Get lost!

Ahem. As I was saying, Breakfast is included with a single night's stay and can be eaten in our beautifully furnished Sylphland dining area!

Before heading off to bed, why not have a bath in our indoor jacuzzi? Don't worry, our long term resident Tonberry won't stab you on the way out.

Just try not to fall asleep while bathing, we don't want any more Lalafell spirits haunting the rafters.

Have a peaceful night in one of our founder's beds! Whichever part of Eorzea you hail from, we have one bed for all your needs! Night night!

Rise and shine!

Oh, good morning! Let's go explore outside!

We're having a picnic outside today! I hope this tree doesn't catch fire...

Thanks for visiting! There is going to be a lot of Housing updates coming in Patch 2.2, including a whole basement for cottages, more furnishings, interior decorations, and gardening! Here's to making Esquire's little cottage Heaven's Tower the most magical place in Lavender Beds!

Come visit Ward 5 Plot 20 if you are on the Tonberry server! See you then!

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