Monday, 3 March 2014

Patch 2.16!

There was a small update at the end of February that introduced a bunch of little polished features such as your character's hair and clothes becoming wet in the rain then drying off when it stops or you go indoors, adding Chimera and Hydra to the Duty Finder, and allowing players to look at the camera with the touch of a button resulting in constant picture perfect Kodak moments.

Mochi hit Rank 5 last week, just 5 more grueling levels to go!

The new FFXIV soundtrack was finally put up for preorder, and bundled with the original Before Meteor soundtrack on! I managed to grab one of the few remaining sets and got a wind-up Dalamud minion as a bonus! After listening to the soundtrack a bunch of times, I noticed that A Realm Reborn reuses a lot of the old tracks For example, the new Hard Mode dungeons introduced in Patch 2.1 brought back 1.0's dungeon music, and the Grand Company/Boss themes are identical to their ARR counterparts! Driving to work while listening to King Moogle Mog's theme was definitely worth the money, though!

All job quests past 30 complete! I took Fishing up to 35 to match my leftover DoW jobs and got this blurple crown that matches nothing in FFXIV, but would be the perfect headpiece for FFXI's Adaman Hauberk

Oh, and here's Strawberry pushing some of her Crystal Tower friends into a lava pit.

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