Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Master of the Land

I quickly levelled Fisher to 50 before patch 2.2 so I could take part in Big Fishing - whatever that will be!

It was very relaxing and compared to Botanist and Miner, incredibly easy to level. The Mooching skill gave loads of experience points when it hit, as did Levequests.

I was taking it slowly until about level 40, when adventuring for Fishing Holes became hit-or-miss due to some of their locations. Basically, unless you have the level 50 trait of being able to discover every Fishing Hole (including legendary ones), trying to unlock each map's holes is a waste of time. So, off to 50 we go!

I also fished up a few Treasure Hunt maps by mistake, as unlike Miner and Botanist, you don't get a choice of picking one up during normal fishing sessions!

The quests up to 50 were fun as heck! You can always rely on Lalafell NPCS to make everything better. How did Strawberry manage to reel in this thing though?! Skill, that's how!

What's next? Why, Luminary weapons of course! Wish me luck!

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