Wednesday, 26 March 2014

War Never Changes

There's a war brewing in Wineport on Tonberry! Go team Behemoth!

Come at me, Bro.

I died in Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 while Limit Breaking and got stuck like this!
Here's me getting a raise, I sure hope that Spinner Rook is intimidated for round two. I think that's what I get for changing my hairstyle...!


Some neighbours moved in next door to Heaven's Tower!

They are quite lewd.


Done! I can now afford every Extreme Mode Primal weapon with MNK, WAR and WHM's already in the bag!

Warrior of Light

Third Crystal Tower set complete!

I'm all ready for the new glamour vanity system coming in Patch 2.2! 

Strawberry will be the smallest Warrior of Light ever!

No more Crystal Tower for a while - see you later, Archeon!

Polished I

After tens of thousands of items gathered on my Miner, I finally unlocked this achievement and got my first gathering Luminary weapon!

It's beautiful! Mammon's odd dark blue colour palette always looked so out of place, but the Pick of the Luminary ties Miner's outfit together nicely! Now to start hacking trees and catching loads of fish for the remaining two!

Master of the Land

I quickly levelled Fisher to 50 before patch 2.2 so I could take part in Big Fishing - whatever that will be!

It was very relaxing and compared to Botanist and Miner, incredibly easy to level. The Mooching skill gave loads of experience points when it hit, as did Levequests.

I was taking it slowly until about level 40, when adventuring for Fishing Holes became hit-or-miss due to some of their locations. Basically, unless you have the level 50 trait of being able to discover every Fishing Hole (including legendary ones), trying to unlock each map's holes is a waste of time. So, off to 50 we go!

I also fished up a few Treasure Hunt maps by mistake, as unlike Miner and Botanist, you don't get a choice of picking one up during normal fishing sessions!

The quests up to 50 were fun as heck! You can always rely on Lalafell NPCS to make everything better. How did Strawberry manage to reel in this thing though?! Skill, that's how!

What's next? Why, Luminary weapons of course! Wish me luck!

The Price was Right!

We bought a house!

Llyria, Mariot and myself saved up all of our gil and started looking for a place to call home. We spent a whole day looking, then after sleeping on it, decided on Lavender Beds as it just felt the cosiest out of the three housing areas. We picked Ward 5 as it wasn't overpopulated at the time, and picked a spot really close to the stores, aetheryte, marketboard, and summoning bell, which turned out to be Plot 20!

Mariot donated this lovely little personal Aetheryte which allows us to teleport straight to our home from anywhere in Eorzea!

New member Paul donated his King Moogle Mog whisker to make this delivery box, which allows us to sent and receive messages right on our own doorstep! Let's take a peek inside...

Welcome! Everything was crafted by Llyria and I! Since we only have about three active members, we can't afford many of the big showoff items, but since we only own a cottage, there isn't much space to put that kind of stuff anyway!

What brings you to Heaven's Tower, adventurer? Oh, is it your first time here? Let me explain, we named our house after a very prominent building in Final Fantasy XI's Gridania-like city, Windurst. Hold on a second.

What is it Behemoth? Room service? Now? Can't you see I am busy with guests here? Get lost!

Ahem. As I was saying, Breakfast is included with a single night's stay and can be eaten in our beautifully furnished Sylphland dining area!

Before heading off to bed, why not have a bath in our indoor jacuzzi? Don't worry, our long term resident Tonberry won't stab you on the way out.

Just try not to fall asleep while bathing, we don't want any more Lalafell spirits haunting the rafters.

Have a peaceful night in one of our founder's beds! Whichever part of Eorzea you hail from, we have one bed for all your needs! Night night!

Rise and shine!

Oh, good morning! Let's go explore outside!

We're having a picnic outside today! I hope this tree doesn't catch fire...

Thanks for visiting! There is going to be a lot of Housing updates coming in Patch 2.2, including a whole basement for cottages, more furnishings, interior decorations, and gardening! Here's to making Esquire's little cottage Heaven's Tower the most magical place in Lavender Beds!

Come visit Ward 5 Plot 20 if you are on the Tonberry server! See you then!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Little Ladies' Day 2014

It's Hinamatsuri in Japan and Little Ladies' Day in Eorzea! With a name like Strawberry Daifuku, I couldn't wait to get into these city-wide quests, while trying not to get eaten in the process. It's time to visit the local hairdresser and look as pretty as possible!

Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in JapanHinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3. Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls (雛人形) representing the EmperorEmpress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period.

In Eorzea, the celebrations revolved around a doll-making contest starting at Ul'dah's Goldsmithing guild. Strawberry will never back down from any quest involving mammets, and agreed to help make her own doll the most beautiful and popular in all of Eorzea by promoting it throughout each of the three nations!

A very simple questline, but really enjoyable nonetheless. As always, Square Enix really outdid themselves with each city's decorations - the mochi and dango lying out on the streets looked good enough to eat!

I'll stick with Strawberry's original, pink hairstyle for the time being - there's rumours of more options being available in patch 2.2, but until then, the cheeky pink-haired rascal is back - now with matching cherry blossom earrings, too!

Have a great Little Ladies' Day! Don't forget to each some Strawberry Daifuku! (Not this one though, she's really a Lalafell!)

Patch 2.16!

There was a small update at the end of February that introduced a bunch of little polished features such as your character's hair and clothes becoming wet in the rain then drying off when it stops or you go indoors, adding Chimera and Hydra to the Duty Finder, and allowing players to look at the camera with the touch of a button resulting in constant picture perfect Kodak moments.

Mochi hit Rank 5 last week, just 5 more grueling levels to go!

The new FFXIV soundtrack was finally put up for preorder, and bundled with the original Before Meteor soundtrack on! I managed to grab one of the few remaining sets and got a wind-up Dalamud minion as a bonus! After listening to the soundtrack a bunch of times, I noticed that A Realm Reborn reuses a lot of the old tracks For example, the new Hard Mode dungeons introduced in Patch 2.1 brought back 1.0's dungeon music, and the Grand Company/Boss themes are identical to their ARR counterparts! Driving to work while listening to King Moogle Mog's theme was definitely worth the money, though!

All job quests past 30 complete! I took Fishing up to 35 to match my leftover DoW jobs and got this blurple crown that matches nothing in FFXIV, but would be the perfect headpiece for FFXI's Adaman Hauberk

Oh, and here's Strawberry pushing some of her Crystal Tower friends into a lava pit.