Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Take it to 35

I wanted all the current cross class skills so took Bard to 35!

Still the most boring DPS in my opinion. I managed to clear the entire 30-40 Hunting Log at level 31 just by running and shooting.

Being able to fight from really high places is fun I guess. Which reminds me!

The only job I had left at 30 was Black Mage! I managed to get it up to 35 too so now every job can wear that awesome Brayflox gear! I saved a ton of inventory and retainer space!

Black Mage can also fight stuff from way up high, haha.

But I prefer watching everything burn a fiery death. Yes, even fire ITSELF! Oh~hohohoho! Black Mage is crazy fun. Limitless MP if you don't mess up your rotation, and some of the spell-specific traits are incredibly satisfying when they happen. It might by my next 50 - who knows!

Thanks for reading!

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