Friday, 14 February 2014

Path of the Warrior II

Warrior 50!

I did it! My first MMO tank job and 3rd Disciple of War job to 50! All of a sudden a new world has opened up before Strawberry! Let's backtrack a bit...

We have some hunting logs to complete!

Steel Cyclone is one of my favourite animations, right up there with WHM's Holy!

C'mere you stupid Kobold, lemme AXE you a question!

I came to this place in La Noscea so many times for quests, mining, fishing, and yet I never noticed it was a dragon! I must be blind.

And with one fell swing of my axe, my third Hunting Log was complete!

Next up, time to get my gear on!

The majority of the Warrior questline was similar to FFXI's Dark Knight questline. Your teacher, burdened with uncontrollable rage, turns on you and becomes the monster he tried to bottle up inside him, for the pride of the ancient race of Warriors!

It was a fun final fight with some neat mechanics!

And Strawberry, already decked out in some spiffy ilvl90 gear after hitting 50 was ready for the challenge!

After the rest of the long lost Warrior relic armour was discovered and the student becomes the master...

Strawberry's first step to gearing up for endgame had begun! I already have surpassed Darklight gear in a few slots, and grabbed the Dual Hakan - Warrior's Extreme Primal weapon! Now to keep going!

Lastly, here is Strawberry impatiently waiting for the rest of the party in Wanderer's Palace. Being a leader is so much fun!

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