Friday, 14 February 2014


The Final Fantasy XIV, XI and Dragon Quest X collaborations have begun!

In Eorzea, two new Quests were available, one for each collaboration! First, the FFXI quest was fantastic! boisterous Black Mage and genius mastermind Shantotto made an appearance as Eorzean adventurers had to take her down in a unique FATE! It was incredibly nostalgic and even had FFXI battle music, quest titles, and that classic "Quest Complete" soundeffect upon completion!

But that's not all! No, the Shantotto we know wouldn't give up that easily.

The giant Shantotto was nothing more than an illusion!

One which she shrunk in size and handed over to Strawberry for safekeeping...

...or else. I have a strange feeling this minion will always be keeping an eye on me...

The Dragon Quest X FATE was against golems!

...lots and lots of golems!

The quest was hilarious! Despite Strawberry being female, these maidens didn't let that stop them...

...from flirting a little too much.

Welp, you only get to live once, after saving the world from golems I might aswell be rewarded!

Turns out "puffing" was their term for shoving a snurble in my face!

Quest complete! Thanks for reading!

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