Friday, 14 February 2014

Fuma Kyahan Do Exist! (100th Post!)

"Gyahaha! No feet for you!" exclaimed Thanatos.

For 4 weeks I ran Crystal Tower and ended up coming away with four pieces of White Mage gear because the final Monk piece I needed - Fuma Kyahan - would never ever drop! I would make countless parties with Greed Only rules and lock myself as the only Monk to ensure that if they dropped I could grab them, and 4 weeks later, the impossible happened!

Nore Ballad Gauntlets, no more Crimson Sashes! No more hoping there isn't another Monk in the party!

Fuma Set Complete!

Hurry up, Vanity system! I'm ready for you!

Thanks to everyone for reading! This is post #100! A lot has happened huh! Strawberry will keep doing her best, please cheer her on!

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