Friday, 17 January 2014

Utimate Ballad

A new bard wandered into Mor Dhona one day, and told me he could retell the story of Strawberry's encounter with Ultima as heard from other people.

He somehow got the story wrong, and made me out to be way more heroic than I actually was, resulting in an incredibly fun and intense Hard Mode battle against the Ultima Weapon!

I won't dare spoil what happens during the fight - it really must be played to be enjoyed to its fullest, but check out the neat gear I grabbed from listening to that bard's ludicrous tale a few times!

The first picture shows the Ultima Band, and the second shows the Ultima Choker. Both of these are available per each class type, and yesterday I finally managed to get them for both WHM and MNK!

What an intense fight! I can't wait to see if we'll ever get to hear the tale of Ultima Extreme...

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