Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Big Three Zero

Over the holidays, I got the last two Disciple of War jobs to 30!

First was Gladiator and Paladin! Having WAR at 30 already, I had some experience in tanking. While not as exciting as WAR, PLD has some incredibly nice defence and counter mechanics, and I love being able to just run into a dungeon and take everything on! ...well, if the healer is good enough!

Take that you nasty ball of fire!

Next up was Archer and Bard! Sadly, both were the most boring class to level so far. Sure, it went by quickly, but because you can hit the enemy from any direction from a huge distance while running around, never getting hit yourself, made doing Levequests, dungeons, and everything incredibly boring with zero challenge. Run and shoot, sometimes sing a song that makes you run faster. That's it, really.

I hope it gets a little bit more complex later on, but I doubt I will be picking it up again any time soon.

Okay, enough complaining! Off to sleep! Night night!

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