Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tell Me A Story 2.1

Patch 2.1 brought a bunch of new main questline missions to the table! Here's the rundown!

With the old gang back together, and the addition of a new family member, the Scions decide to do a little housekeeping and, well, move house entirely!

Before the move from Ul'dah's Horizon to Mor Dhona takes place, there's a little issue in Gridania that Strawberry must take care of first...

The arrive of a very fluffy primal rouses panic throughout the Black Shroud! How on Eorzea did Moogles of all things get their tiny paws on a bunch of crystals, and why would they bring such a powerful primal into the realm?!

No time for questions! Little the battle begin! The 8-man battlefield begins with a single Moogle, before introducing a whole bunch of others, one for each classic Final Fantasy job. Defeat them or not, the outcome will always be the same...

The summoning of Good King Moogle Mog cannot be stopped! During the fight, all the defeated Moogles rise once again, the music charges up with vocals included, and the battlefield falls into utter chaos!

But all's well that ends well, and the Good King dissolves back into Aether, just like all primals before him.

With Gridania saved for now, there are still a lot of strange questions still to be answered. It seems no matter where the Scions settle, whether it be Horizon or Mor Dhona, they will never escape the grasp of these mysterious cloaked figures... What could they want?

I guess we'll find out in the next patch! Here is Strawberry's and the Scion's new base of operations. While there wasn't a large amount of quests to go though this time, any progression is better than no progression. Here's to the future!

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