Monday, 20 January 2014

See You in Hell!

It's time to revisit and reconquer the Primal threat that is constantly plaguing Eorzea as Strawberry takes on every Primal's EXTREME incarnation!

First up was Garuda, and despite being the first, she is by no means the easiest! Garuda will still summon Chirada and Suprana, those pesky feathers will still try to break down protective obstacles, and what's worse, for the most part, the entire arena is flooded with tornadoes! 

But after some practice and loads of patience, she finally fell, which lead Strawberry onto the next, rather surprising battle.

Titan, the hard-as-nails, er, rocks, fight for the Relic questline is now second in line?! That can't be right, and it shouldn't be. Titan is by far the hardest Extreme Primal to date, and all of his nasty overpowered abilities are back in full swing. They've also multiplied in order, from one stone gaol to two, and from one landslide to, uh, up to five!

Dodging Titan's powerful bursts of energy were more stressful than Strawberry's previous encounter with Ultima, but in the end it all came down to perfect positioning. After loads of practice, the mighty Titan finally broke! Which leads us onto...

The first encounter through the main questline became the final, supercharged extreme Primal; Ifrit! With a few new tricks up his sleeve, the fiery demon was back in full swing! Duplicates were multiplied from 3 to 4, each with a much larger hitbox. Instead of 5 nails before Ifrit wipes the floor with adventures, players must deal with 13 of them - and Limit Breaking is out of the question! Every time a nail is destroyed, it delivers a massive area-wide explosion and vulnerability debuff to all players. Destroying more than two at once is enough to fail the battle!

With all of these little DPS checks in place, plus extra stress on healers, Ifrit trumps Garuda in terms of difficulty, but is still much easier than Titan. So, what's next?

Killing all three Extreme Primals allows players to trade key items in for a brand new weapon, which are all ilvl90 and on par - sometimes even better - than their relic counterparts. Naturally, I grabbed a pair of Hellish Claws for Monk. Now I can both punch and stab things to death!

The quest is repeatable every week! So hopefully Strawberry's arsenal can keep getting bigger and bigger!

Thanks for reading!


  1. What's the rest of your gear in this pic? It looks awesome!

    1. It's the full Fuma set from Labyrinth of the Ancients except the feet which are Darklight!